Division Learning Objectives

21 Oct

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Two of the kids are wrapping up a unit on division and I really want to make sure that they understand the concept of division and real life applications, so  I made up a set of mastery objectives to use to evaluate them as well as for review. We’re just using a math textbook without a teacher’s guide and a lot of basic theory and underlying ideas that I think they should learn are not given in the explanations.


Q1: What is division?

A1: Dividing up a number or quantity into equal parts

Q2: What can division tell us?


– If we know (divide) the number of groups, division tells us how many are in each group

– If we know (divide) by the number in EACH group, division tells us how many groups we have

So when we use division, division tells us:

– the NUMBER OF GROUPS we can make or need or have OR

-the NUMBER IN EACH GROUP given a certain number of groups.

Q3: Give a real life problem where division is used to find the number of groups

Q4: Give a real life problem where division is used to find the number in each group

Q5: Division is the opposite of which operation? How? Because of this, what can we do to check the answer to a division problem?

Q6: Set up (write) a long division format problem and show which is the quotient, divisor, and dividend

Q7: Given an oral division word problem, solve it and tell me what the divisor, dividend, and quotient are.

Q8: If you have a remainder in a division problem, what does that mean?

Q9: The quotient of any number divided by one is_______________________.

Q10: When a number is divided by itself, the quotient is _________________.

Q11: When 0 is divided by any non-zero number, the quotient is __________________.

Q12: Given real life objects, model a division problem and tell what represents the divisor, dividend, and quotient.

Q13: Define: quotient, dividend, divisor, remainder

Q14: Work a long division problem and check the answer. What method will you use to check your answer? Why?

Q13: What does it mean if a number is divisible by a second number?

Q14: How many you tell if a umber is divisible by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, or 10?

Q15: Given a number, tell it if is divisible by 2/3/4/5/6/9/10 and how you know?

Q16: What are prime numbers? Give an example.

Q17: What are composite numbers? Given an example.

Q18: What are the first 10 prime numbers?

Q19: What is prime factorization? Find the prime factorization of a given number.

Q20: Find all the factors of a given number.

Q21: Find the common factors of 2 or more numbers.

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