Islamic Months Graphics for Hijri Wall Calendars

03 Nov


I finally got around to knocking these out, alhamdulillah; I have wanted to do them for some time. I pulled out my laminated homemade hijri calendar that I poster size printed a while back,(2×2):


Download Hijri/Gregorian blank wall calendar template



got my board markers (finally) to write the numbers on and  hoping to get that puppy up today, insha Allah.


These are just little thumbnail shots, if you want to download the original full sized graphics, please visit my Islamic Months Photobucket album

muharramsafarrabee al awwalrabee ath thaanijumaadaa al awwaljumaadaa ath thaanirajabshabaanramadanshawwaaldhul qa-dahdhul hijjah


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2 responses to “Islamic Months Graphics for Hijri Wall Calendars

  1. Usman

    December 25, 2011 at 9:44 am

    Jazakallaah for such a lovely site. Just wanted to point out a mistake. I hope you don’t mind. Jumadul Awwal and Jumaduthani say Khumadul awl and khumaduthani as the dot for the letter “jeem” comes on the bottom whereas on the calendar it appears on the top making it the letter “Khaa”.

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