Prophets and Messengers: Prophet Shu’ayb lesson

27 Feb

Happy Sunday!  I hope this week was very productive for fellow homeschoolers (well, really for everyone!). 

Today is really hot, my kids and I are somewhat dreading the return of hot weather here in the gulf region. They are looking forward to going to the beach (though you can really go year around here), but it is super muggy and hot here so that’s the drawback.

Ok, got a little off topic. Last week we studied Prophet Shu’ayb, alayhi salaam, and I prepared a little lesson for our studies:

Prophet Shu’ayb lesson

The file is also available from the main TJ Islamic Studies website: also has a Prophet Shu’ayb audio:


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2 responses to “Prophets and Messengers: Prophet Shu’ayb lesson

  1. khelouda

    March 1, 2011 at 2:07 pm

    simple thank you salam alaikom

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