Scheduling the Islamic Homeschooling Day

14 May

Scheduling the Islamic homeschooling day

Responsibilities and needs vary from family to family, of course, but here is a general step by step plan you can use to schedule your homeschool day. This plan is more so geared toward the homeschoolers who have few outside activities (like us).

  1. Start with the PRAYER times

Go back roughly 30 minutes before the call of the Adhaan and set this as your chore/clean up/prayer prep time until the Adhaan.

Go up 30 minutes from the call of the Adhaan to allot for time for prayer, thikr, and Quraan reading/reciting after the call of the Athaan.

  1. Schedule BEDTIMES AND WAKE UP times

For older kids, you may decide to allot bed preparation and free time after ishaa to come up with a realistic bed time. (Also establish mom’s bedtime and wake up times)

  1. Schedule in MEAL PREP, EATING, AND MEAL CLEAN UP times (main meals and snacks)


  1. Schedule blocks of time for different SCHOOL sessions/classes. 


For older kids, you might schedule 1 hour blocks of time, planning for 45 minutes of instruction/studying and 15 minutes for transition/bathroom, etc.

For younger kids, you may want to schedule 30 minute blocks, planning for 20 minutes of actual instruction.

And of course, this all depends upon the number of classes you will conducting each day and how much time  needed for each class/study period as well as other household duties.

  1. Factor in any other duties such as OUTSIDE ENGAGEMENTS, grocery shopping, etc. or things that depend on other people. You may need to move this step up higher in the plan (most likely step 4) if you have considerable outside duties. We have very few outside activities and so this was not as great of a priority for me.




4-5 am                  Prayer prep/pray/Quraan

5-6                         Quraan memorization/review; Mom free time or daily planning

6-7                         Mom chores; wake up younger kids who aren’t obligated to pray;

                              morning routine

7-8                         Breakfast prep/eat/clean up

8-9                         AM Chores/School Prep

9-10                       Class Period I    (core classes) (Quraan/Arabic are good to start with)

10-10:15                AM Snack/bathroom break

10:15-11                Class Period II    (core classes)

11-12                     Class Period III (core classes)

12:00 – 12:30        Dhuhr chores; lunch prep

12:30-1:30             Pray/Thikr; Quraan; lunch     

1:30 – 2:15            Class Period IV (core or elective classes or study hall/homework)

2:15-3:00               Class Period V (core or elective classes or study hall/homework)

3:00 – 3:30            Asr Chores; snack time

3:30-4:00               Pray/Quraan

4-6:30                    Meal prep and eating/clean up

6:30-7:00               Maghrib Chores

7:00-7:30               Pray/Quraan

7:30-8:00               Free time or daily review of subjects

8:00-8:30               Ishaa chores

8:30-9:00               Pray Ishaa/Quraan

9:00-9:30               Prepare for Bed (bedtime routine)

9:30-10:00             Bedtime I or free time for older

10:00                     Bedtime II for middle kids

11:00                     Bedtime III for oldest of kids


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