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20 May

Today in one of the mail groups that I belong to, sent out an excellent excerpt relating to the often used phrase “take the good and leave the bad.”

It was an excellent reminder and between that and naseehah that a fellow Muslimah gave me previously, I have decided to unpost the reading lists that I had previously posted as I mentioned earlier, as they do contain some unIslamic  content that I believed I would be able to discuss with my kids and sort out the truths from the falsehood. 

Then today, I had read the treatise as well as a blog post on a fellow homeschooler’s blog about a Muslim mother who was letting her children attend the prom saying “They know they are Muslim, their Islam is not going to go out the window if they attend proms, award ceremonies, or graduations. They are always going to be exposed to things that are unIslamic, as long as we do the very best within our limits as parents, Insha’Allah our children will be fine.”

That and the naseehah from previously along with reading the treatise all resounded and even if I feel that I can allow my children to read some fiction for schooling (although I intend to be more discerning, in sha Allah), I do not want to be part of spreading falsehood and lies. 

Here is the treatise, I highly recommend its reading as a reminder

“An example of that: Two wells of water, one of them pure and clean and the other muddy filled with dirt and filth, so does one with intellect say: `Go to the second well and take from its water.’ The one with intellect does not say this.

So what if there was found one who was deterring people from the pure spring and calling the people to drink from the muddy well filled with dirt and filth…”

“And the Messenger of Allaah sallallahu alaihi wa sallam warned against reading the writings of the People of the Book even though they are not free of some truth.


‘O my Lord, forgive me and turn towards me (to accept my repentance). Verily You are The Oft-Returning, the Oft-Forgiving.

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