Tawheed Worksheet/Guided Notes – Islamic Studies Sunday

22 May

We studied the three types of  Tawheed about a month or so ago and I made up some guided notes (basically a worksheet, but in a note friendly format for saving for review).

In addtion, I made up a skills/knowledge checklist and review bank questions (basically these two items are the same thing, but the review bank is more friendly for asking review questions).

(There is also a Tawheed divider for binders, which we use to separate main sections of Islamic Studies, but in this copy it appears kind of tweaked. I can’t remember but it may also be available in the Islamic Studies Binder Pack–please see right navigation area under Islamic Studies Binder–umm, just checked, not it’s not, I’ll try to upload a better copy in case anyone is interested, they really liven up our Islamic Studies binders and I put tabs on the end to make finding our notes, etc easier)

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