26 Aug

Here are a few tips for organizing for a new school year.

Create/Find and Organize Administrative Papers

Set up a binder or other storage system and make/gather all administrative papers and plans

  1. Create school year calendar with breaks and quarters/semesters, etc.
  2. Create a course of study (list of classes and books/resources)for each student for the year
  3. Plan out each class for each student for the school year against the school year calendar(i.e. make a syllabus/schedule of lessons)
  4. Collect/make needed teacher admin papers such as attendance logs, grading sheets, etc and file; keep master copies in a designated place such as a binder.
  5. Set up student organizers (weekly or daily assignment sheets, calendars, reference papers, charts, checklists, reading logs, etc); make/find necessary papers for organizer

(I currently use presentation books –books with page protectors preattached)

Set Procedures/Routines

  1. Create a daily household schedule and post it in study area
  2. Set up a school schedule routine:
    1. Set school start and end times
    2. Designate breaks times (bathroom, water, snacks etc)
  3. Set up guidelines for work to be submitted:
    1. Headings on papers (establish a format)
    2. Expected format of work itself (i.e. fold paper in half, don’t write in margins, number the pages, neatness, how to show final math answers, etc.)
  4. Set up procedure for submission and return of “homework”/Class work
    1. When  and where should homework/classwork be turned in
    2. Where to pick up after graded/reviewed
  5. Establish Make-up work policies
  6. Set consequences for not completing work 

Set Up Classroom/study area

  1. Set expectations/rules for study/class time (Make poster to hang in study area) and review with student(s)
  2. Post daily class schedule in classroom
  3. Set up study/class area (let kids help)

                                         i.    student desks or personal study areas

                                       ii.    walls/bulletin board displays

                                      iii.    supply area

  1. Obtain student’s personal supplies and distribute
  2. Set up any centers (stationary or portable (file folder center, for example or a science center)


To build enthusiasm for the new year, take kids shopping for clothes and school supplies and let them set up their backpacks/school supply pouches, etc.




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