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Get TJ Updates on Facebook, Twitter and by Email

In case you didn’t know……

  1. Talibiddeen Jr. has been rebranded and is now…… TJ Homeschooling
  2. I am no longer posting new content here at WordPress. But, I am still busy making and sharing things all the time. You can find my updates at the following places:

I hope you’ll stop by any and all of the above spots to browse and subscribe so you can get updates of new material!

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Stop by TJ Ramadan for Ramadan Prep!

Just wanted to send a quick reminder out that you can find educational and family Ramadan resources over at TJ Ramadan:

This blog no longer routinely maintained.

On a side note: It’s probably obvious, but I will no longer be posting to this companion blog regularly.  As the TJ family of sites on blogspot is quite varied and each relates to very specific areas, I found that it was redundant to post here as well on the individual sites.  So any new updates here will be special or seasonal announcements, in shaa Allah. So, I hope you will stop by the TJ blogspot sites and sign up for email updates for any and all that suit your interests.  I will be closing the comments so that I don’t leave guests here hanging, in shaa Allah, so if you want to contact TJ, please either do so by email  (talibiddeenjr at gmail) or leave a comment at any of the blogspot sites.

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TJ Science has moved!

Due to technical difficulties, I have moved TJ Science to the following address:


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Running a Muslim Home

I had begun to add resources on the main TJ site regarding household issues and as usual, it kept expanding. So, in order to keep on topic at the TJ Homeschool Center site, I have moved those household resources and information to a sort of revamping of the short-lived “Orderly Muslim Home” to: “Running a Muslim Home”

I hope you’ll stop by and take a look! Its main focus is on the Muslim household but there are many secular household topics there as well.


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What’s New at TJ?

Finding TJ on Facebook just got easier with a new username:

Loads of new updates so please stop by TJ’s FB page to see the oodles and oodles of great new content!



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1,000,000 Visits

Alhamdulillah, the TJ Companion Blog has reached one million blog visits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! since its start back in 2006 (though I didn’t really get into the blogging groove til 2007–and then boy did I ever take off………)

Due to the fact that the main TJ sites are over at another blogging platform, Blogspot, and that visitors can subscribe to each blog by email or reader as well as learn of updates through TJ’s Facebook page, most likely I will not be posting as much here (to eliminate duplication). There are still some topics that I post about here (and ramblings) that do not fit on the TJ sites, so in sha Allah I will continue to post those here, but I will not be posting updates here about content on the TJ sites (except for special circumstances) as it is getting to be time consuming and probably not necessary as updates can be learned about again through the blog subscriptions and the Facebook Page (and uh of course visiting the blogs themselves).

It really is a wonderful feeling to know that people find my content interesting enough to visit and revisit and I hope Allah blesses me to continue sharing as it gives me joy to do so and I hope it gains the pleasure of Allah as well.



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TJ Math

I’m reorganizing TJ Math, so stop by if you get a chance……

Also, keep up to date with everything TJ by visiting/subscribing to TJ’s Facebook page: TJ Facebook, all TJ blogs/sites update to TJ Facebook.



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