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Arabic Curriculum goals

I’m trying to put together my own curriculum for my kids .

Below is a listing of the goals/skills that I have come up with to teach.  I thought they might be helpful to others, insha Allah who are trying to put together their own curriculum. I hope to make books and worksheets to accompany this. (Note: My file got corrupted for the alphabet books, but alhamdulillah, there is still a lot that is useable. So it will take me a little longer to get this finished, but I am still working on it)

Beginning  Arabic Curriculum Goals

(Duration: 1-2 years)

Alphabet  – Standalone Forms

·         Visually identify all 29 letters of the Arabic alphabet in random order

·         Write all 29 letters of the alphabet in their standalone forms

·         Recite the alphabet in order, with correct pronunciation

·         Tell what letter comes before or after a letter                                                  

·         Tell what letter comes between two letters

·         Be able to write dictated letters              

Alphabet – Connected forms

·         Visually identify all forms (beginning, middle, and end) of each letter of the alphabet by sight in words and when written alone

·         Write all forms (beginning, middle, and end) of each letter of the alphabet

·         Be able to write dictated letters  (different letters/different forms dictated)



·         Visually identify all numbers from 0 to 100 in random order

·         Know how to write all numbers from 0 to 100

·         Count in order from 0 to 100

·         Tell what number comes before or after a number                                                         

·         Tell what number comes between two numbers

·         Be able to write dictated numbers

·         Can skip count in Arabic



·         Knows the names of the three short vowels: fathah, kasrah, dammah and can recognize them in words

·         Can read words with the three short vowels in them

·         Knows what sukoon means; can recognize sukoon in words; can read words with sukoon in them

·         Knows the three long vowels in Arabic (fathah followed by alif, kasrah followed by yeah, dammah followed by wow), can identify them and read words with the long vowels.

·         Knows what vertical stroke above/below a letter means (long vowel) and can read words with this mark

·         Knows what maddah is and how to read words with this mark

·         Knows the three types of tanween: fathah tanween, dammah tanween, kasrah tanween; can identify the symbols and read words with them

·         Knows  the symbol for shaddah and what it means, reads words with the shaddah in them

·         Knows the meaning of the article ”al;” knows which letters are shamsiyyah letters and which are qamariyyah and what that means

·         Can read sentences and  short stories in Arabic



·         Can identify colors in Arabic (can tell the  color of objects)

·         Knows names of common animals

·         Knows names of basic school supplies

·         Knows names of common fruits/vegetables

·         Knows names of common things around town (park, street, store, etc)

·         Knows how to tell time to the hour/half hour

·         Knows names of basic food items (bread, sugar, etc)

·         Knows names of basic beverages

·         Knows names of the days of the weeks (advanced: months of the year)

·         Knows the names of the four seasons

·         Knows the names of basic shapes in Arabic (optional)

·         Knows the names of basic names for family members (mom, dad, brother, sister, etc)

·         Knows the names of basic professionals (doctor, nurse, teacher,etc)

·         Knows the name of basic household items (furniture, appliances, rooms in a house)

·         Knows the names of basic clothing

·         Knows the names of basic vehicles

·         Knows simple greetings, conversational phrases



·         Detached Pronouns (I, you, we, he, she, they, etc))

·         Attached pronouns (his, hers, yours, mine, etc)

·         Nouns

o        Persons, places, animals, things, plants, inanimate objects

o        “Adjectives”

·         Harfu Jarr

·         Past and present tense Verbs, conjugating (for I, you, he, she, we, they)

·         Jumlatul Ismiyyah

·         Jumlatul Fi’liyyah






Sample Sequence

1.       Numerals 1 – 10

2.       Numerals 11-100

3.       Alphabet – Standalone Forms

4.       Alphabet – Connected forms

5.       Reading of words (short vowels, long vowels, shaddah, sukoon, tanween), simple sentences, very short stories, ayaat from the Quraan, short ahaith, duaas.

6.       Vocabulary building + reading

7.       Simple grammar concepts


 Speaking of vocabulary, this site was an absolute find: 

It has loads of Arabic vocabulary!  Definitely one to check out, insha Allah.





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