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Arabic charts

I came across some nice and colorful Arabic charts today:


and of course, don’t forget the “goodies” over at TJ’s Arabic department 🙂

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Counting by 10s, 100s and 1000s in Arabic

Posters and reading practice boards for counting by 100s and 1000s in Arabic:

math-skip-counting-by-10s (This one has a poster, reading board, writing practice and worksheet).



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Arabic/Hindi Worksheet

Convert from the Arabic numeral to the hindi numeral




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More on PE…..and Arabic

Just a tidbit……

Found a way to work in Arabic numeral practice into our PE today…..we counted out repetitions of our exercises  in Hindi numerals…………………………

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Arabic Counting Chart

Arabic-Hindi Numerals 1-20


Download: arabic-counting-chart-1to20

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