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New Arabic Additions–Arabic Fridays!


Happy Jumuah! Don’t forget to read Suratul Kahf today and make those duaas in the last hour.

Here’s what’s new over at TJ Arabic Studies this week. I’m rebuilding the Beginning Arabic Reading section. ……


    In the left navigation bar at TJ Arabic Studies, you can see my suggested sequence of study under “Beginning Arabic Reading.” This section is not quite complete but in sha Allah many will find what is there at the present handy……………..
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      Arabic Short Vowels Lesson

      Download: la_arabic-yes-book-3-unit-1-short-vowel-intro

      This is the first lesson from my beginning reading book for Arabic that I am working on. This lesson deals with recognition of the three short vowels in Arabic, fathah, kasrah, and dammah (not the sounds, just recognizing them).  It was written for younger students. (approximately 6 years old and up). 

      I am currently working on the rest of the book and hope to upload it as soon as I complete it.

      This would be book 3 of the books I am working on. The first one, Book 1, is the Arabic alphabet, standalone forms and Book 2, the Arabic alphabet connected forms. (The files got corrupted so I wasn’t able to complete them at the time I had hoped, but insha Allah, they will be uploaded as soon as they are complete also.

      Please let me know if there would be anything to make the lesson better and insha Allah, I would try to incorporate that into the rest of the book.


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      Arabic Short Vowel Reading Gameboards

      Here are gameboards which can be used for games or just for reading review. They have Arabic words on the game spaces.

      Words with Fatha onlyla_arabic_reading_vowels_short_fathah1

      Words with Fatha/Kasrah   la_arabic_reading_game_vowels_fatkas

      Words with Fathah/Kasrah/Dammah:la_arabic_reading_game_vowels_short1

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        Arabic Short Stories

        If you are looking for some simple short stories in Arabic for children, I have scanned 13 stories from a reader. You can download them in PDF format here:

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        Fluent English AND Arabic Reading

        We use a technique called repeated reading for English.  You select a small passage (paragraph or sentences) and repeatedly read the selection until you can read it with no mistakes.  With my children, I usually model the reading of the passage to let them hear when I am pausing, emphasizing certain words, etc.

        I have found that repeated reading works very well with increasing fluency in Arabic as well (for my children as well as myself).  We have been reading from Suratul Kahf every Jumuah.  We started off with the first five ayaat, then moved up to the next five, etc.  I notice that the ayaat that we have read repeatedly over the year and a half we have been reading it, are more fluent and we make less mistakes. The newer ayaat are choppy at first.

        For using repeated reading for Quraan, I find that it is best to pick  ayaat that you have not memorized, otherwise, when you read, you are pretty much going upon what you have memorized.

        For more tips on repeated reading, you can check out my reading skills page:

        Happy Reading!

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