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Gateway to Arabic

Gateway to Arabic downloads:

Book 1

Beginning Arabic (alphabet, short vowels, joining letters, tanween, long vowels, sukoon, shaddah, vocabulary, sun and moon letters, reading practice)

Book 2

“a basic knowledge of Arabic grammar, enabling them to take their first steps in understanding and using non-verbal sentences. The series is intended to take the student from having no knowledge of Arabic, all the way up to GCSE level (the U.K.’s General Certificate in Secondary Education) and beyond.”


Book 3

students progress in building up their knowledge of Arabic grammar and vocabulary, they are able to put into practice the skills they have acquired through written exercises, spoken passages of dialogue and comprehension exercises. Book Three offers a step-by-step approach to learning past and present tense verbs, with plenty of opportunity for practice. Each point of grammar is reinforced through sample conversations that offer the student the chance to use the language in a meaningful context and develop confidence in self-expression.



to read more about the books and download audio for books 1 and 2:

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Arabic Books for Download

Here’s a site with loads of Arabic learning downloads (major books here). Not sure if they have permission to have the books on there or not, but they have books like the Madinah Series, Arabic Between Your Hands, Hans Wehr, the Mawrid, Arabic Verbs, and more………….

It also has links to software you can download to learn Arabic as well as links to other useful Arabic learning resources.

Definitely a site to check out, in my opinion!

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Textbooks in Arabic

This site was shared by a member of one of my homeschooling groups some time ago and I think its a gem.

They have textbooks in Arabic for grades 1-12.  They have Islamic Studies, handwriting, math, science and a few other subjects. I think they are great if not for the actual subject content then for Arabic studies to practice reading and comprehending Arabic.

As with anything, review first before sharing with your child. There is a nice little Islamic Studies curriculum, but I have not read through the whole thing and even though its from a Muslim country, well of course you still have to be careful (the books are from Palestine).

I was really impressed by these overall. The files are PDFs. Definitely check this out if you can.

Link update (11/25/2012)  

(However after reposting this link I see that most of the links on this new main page are broken, sorry for the inconvenience.)

If you don’t know too much Arabic, you can hover over the file names and see the subject of the file in your status bar.


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Using Madinah Arabic?

The Madinah Arabic program is a widely used program for teaching Arabic to second language Arabic learners.  However, I found that my children needed more exposure to vocabulary words and grammar concepts and wanted to adapt the material to the Western ways of learning which we are more familiar with so I createdmy own lessons. An example can be down be downloaded from or the link below.




Please note:

The lessons are not affiliated in any way with the Madinah Arabic course program or website. These are personal lessons that I have created for homeschool lessons using the book as a basis.


Students will need a copy of the Madinah Arabic Book I to complete the lessons.


Lessons and Teaching Notes


From Madinah Arabic Book I, Lesson 1:

  • Lesson 1.1: Vocabulary Lesson: List 1.

  •  See TJ’s Arabic page for more details.

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