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Arabic Attached Pronouns

I’ve got some new Arabic worksheets at TJ Arabic Studies… for attached Arabic pronouns (attached to nouns to show possession).  If interested, you can check them out here:

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Arabic Past Tense Conjugation Worksheets

We’ve started studying past verbs in Arabic and I made a few worksheets for our study. You can find them at TJ Arabic:

Each worksheet shows the rule for conjugating for the particular person, number, and gender and then gives practice in conjugating with words.

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Arabic Color Word Worksheets and PowerPoints

Its been a few months since I have added materials to the main site.

I’ve added some Arabic items today:

Arabic Color Word worksheets: Student writes the appropriate Arabic color word to match the color of the objects shown.  There are six worksheets available (same format).

For my four year old, I put together an Arabic color word powerpoint for the word “green” in Arabic.  It has a mini lesson, drills, games and printable worksheets. Insha Allah, as we progress through the colors, I hope to make more.  It is probably suited well for students Pre-k to 1st or 2nd insha Allah (those who aren’t yet reading Arabic).

Hope you find them helpful. I am also working on several other Arabic color word worksheets of different formats and hope to post those soon, insha Allah.

Speaking of Arabic PowerPoints, I ran across dozens of them for younger students here at Arabic Bits: (numbers, colors, sentences, vocabulary, phrases, etc).


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Counting by 10s, 100s and 1000s in Arabic

Posters and reading practice boards for counting by 100s and 1000s in Arabic:

math-skip-counting-by-10s (This one has a poster, reading board, writing practice and worksheet).



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Arabic Worksheets

Stumbled upon this site with 70 or so worksheets/teaching materials

They are not super high quality, but may still be helpful. I was excited to find them.

Insha Allah, I am working on some of my own worksheets based upon our Arabic studies, which, ALHAMDULILLAH, are going really well for my 4 “middles.”   We’ve worked with the short vowels and are now currently on sukoon.


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