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Salaat Bulletin Board Addition

Several months ago, I reworked a piece to go on my Salaat bulletin to make it a little more condensed.  I got the idea from what some others had done with the salaat bulletin board as well as some changes that I had come up with.

For each prayer there is a card with:

-an illustrated picture of what it looks like at each (pictures from

-analog clock face (blank to draw the hands)

-number of rakaat in each prayer is shown

-a space to write the digital time in

-reminder whether the prayer is aloud or quiet

I had these spread out originally into different pieces and just combined them into one card. They can be laminated so the current times can be written/shown.


Hope they are helpful……………….

Salaat Bulletin Board Cards

If you have made a salaat bulletin board of your own, please leave a comment so I can link to it for others to get ideas…………..

If you missed the salaat bulletin board ideas, please see this the Salaat tag.

Happy Homeschooling!


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Another version of Salaat Bulletin Board

Umm Abdul Basir has an absolutely beautiful version of the Salaat board, DO NOT MISS IT (smile)

also check out her Hijaab lapbook, equally as wonderful:

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Salaat bulletin board reloaded :)


Our bulletin board was getting a little tattered and a little tired, so I made some upgrades to revive it. I put poster board behind it (or rather put the items on posterboard) and added a title………..

In case you think the title display is nifty, I uploaded a copy:


I just took a train font that I found at my favorite font place and colored it in in Paint.


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