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Make Your Own Educational Wall Calendars

Wall calendars are a nice way to jazz up your homeschool room. They are also a great teaching/reinforcement tool for time concepts.  In many homeschools, a daily calendar time is used.

Of course you can buy a wall calendar at stores such as Staples or local office supply stores, but if you can’t find them or afford them, you can make your own.

Over at E How, I have written a quick how to for making your own large wall calendar display.

At TJ’s main site (see Math section, Time), you will find premade calendar displays (Gregorian and Hijri) for which you can use the E How instructions to make colorful, large calendar display sets (these include resources for seasons as well).

For our back to homeschool, I made up a simple calendar (as I didn’t have my TJ calendar displays on my hard drive anymore and had no net). Here’s a simple wall calendar with the English names of the days of the week as well as the transliterated names for the Arabic days of the week. Use the E How instructions for making it large for the wall.

Islamic Wall Calendar Templateis-calendar-main

For the month names, I used the Baby Blocks Font in alternating colors (not included) so you would have to make your own. Insha Allah, once I finish the 12 month names (transliterated hijri calendar ones), I’ll try to post.

Finally, I have made some Islamic event mini cards which can be laminated and taped to your calendar to remind you of the White Days, beginning of Hajj, and other Islamic dates. If these don’t fit your calendar (if they are too big), you can use the scaling option in Adobe Reader (in the print dialog box) to reduce (in the Page Handling section), choose Page Scaling: Multiple Pages Per Sheet—2 pages per sheet or custom size).



Islamic Calendar Event Cards

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