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By the Grade Resources

Need to build or supplement your curriculum!?

imageThe “By the Grade” feature at Talibiddeen Jr. is back!

Stop by TJ’s Homeschooling Center to find links to FREE spelling, grammar, writing, math, science, and social studies for each grade, 1-12.


    You can also find these links in the left navigation area on the site.

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CurrClick “Event” – Hundreds of Free Educational Resources

As Muslims, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving or “observe” Black Friday by going out and shopping for Christmas, but I just thought I would pass this information on regarding free educational resources to be given away from CurrClick this Friday (Black Friday), insha Allah.


“You simply can’t afford to miss CurrClick’s biggest event of the year, BLACK FRIDAY! HUNDREDS of TOTALLY FREE education resources! No Traffic, No Crowds, No Cost!
10:00 am CST Friday, Nov 27th through 10:00 am CST Saturday, Nov 28th.”


They usually have some pretty good freebies, so make sure you stop by and check them out at the dates above because I am assuming these offerings, insha Allah will be even better.

CurrClick – Curriculum in a Click



For some reason, I don’t remember seeing so many things deemed Black Friday specials as I have this year. I’ve gotten several emails from places I’ve subscribed to offering Black Friday specials (I didn’t have internet at this time last year, so maybe I just missed it). Anyway, I was just curious as to when it came to be used in reference to this particular day, so I googled and came across this article on Wikipedia: Black Friday (shopping)


At any rate, don’t forget to stop by CurrClick and click!

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Free Math Curriculum–loads of stuff

A good friend reminded me of this site:

Its a project that has a free math curriculum (UK based) for Year 1 -9 a nd up (key stages 1-4). They have lessons plans, practice books and text books that you can download for free.

In the lower levels 1-4, there are two practice books and only 1 per level  is available, but the lesson plans are available for the whole level so even if you had to find worksheets to supplement, its probably still a great option.

The upper levels from six and up seemed to have all the materials available (with the exception of practice book answers and revision tests for year  7 and up, I think).

The lesson plans are laid out weekly and are very detailed.

I definitely recommend checking this out if you need a free math resource…………….

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Science Curriculum Outline

A sister in my IHSU homeschooling group recommended this site for free science units for the lower grades:

The units are written for the teacher and are outlined and provide ideas for teaching/developing the topics, in many cases, they get quite specific so that you can probably get up and running teaching very quickly and with less prep work (although some will be needed in most cases).

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Free Science Curriculum

I’ve written about the free k-12 curriculum from MS on my main TJ site’s science page.

You will find teacher’s guides and student workbooks there ( in PDF format or in web page view.

The only drawback really is that for some of the experiments, you will need equipment. You can purchase it from the site or I guess collect/buy the materials elsewhere. What I really like is the student reading pages and workbooks because generally we don’t do experiments unless I have the stuff on hand.

For quick reference, here are the links to  all the K-6 printable teacher guides and student workbooks:(PDF)

Life Cycle:

Applied Science:

Universe Cycle:

Plate tectonic cycle:

Rock cycle:

Water cycle:

They are resources for above 6th grade as well, so I recommend looking there, as there are printables as well, however not all are complete, they mention that they are in progress.  I did download some of the teacher guides and they have student reading material in them, experiments, etc. Its a little more detailed to go through those so I won’t list those here, but once you click on the particular area, then click on a subject area in the grid, then on the bottom you will see a teacher’s corner. This is where the teacher’s guides are. They even include review tests.  The elementary levels have model tests.

Secondary grades:


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