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Daily Islamic Checklist

Checklist of duaas/islamic ibaadah from waking up to bedtime.


Not the most aesthetic, but has really helped me to make sure that we are remembering Allah throughout our day through athkaar and recitation/reading Quraan as well as other acts of worship.

I didn’t put in references as I usually try to, but most of the duaa/athkaar come form Hisnul Muslim if you need to check (or footnotes from Noble Quraan mushaf, Muhsin Khan version) and ahadith, Bukhari, Muslim.


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Daily Hijri Calendar Skill Building


For the present, we’ve resumed our daily Hijri calendar skill building activities.  For the past couple of weeks, I have been hand writing out the work for them to do and thought I would get together a template that they could copy from (I would print out daily but too costly).

Here’s our current skill building routine:


This week I am hoping to start more oral recitation at the beginning of their sessions by having them recite the days of the week, days of the month, and seasons in order with me. Currently one of the eight year olds and the ten year old are doing this consistently.


I made up a reference chart that they can refer to during their activity.




The chart is also included in the skill building activity.


Structuring Daily Review/Skill Building – Game/computer based

We recently started daily review/skill building sessions for math, typing and geography, masha Allah.  I have never been very consistent with this in the past, but for the past two weeks, masha Allah, several of the kids have had daily review sessions for various subjects. I think one of the reasons for success, Allahu ilm, is that I have put the review sessions on our schedule, before it was just ok, do t his, that, here and there. The second reason is that much of the review is on computer in the forms of games, which the kids love and they ask to do them.

I had assigned the kids about 15 minutes per subject, but I think having session goals may be more helpful for having them stay on task and help us progress.  So below I have put together some goals for each session as well as a link to the software we are using in case you are interested.(all are free dowloads). I am also going to use progress checksheets to track the progress, insha Allah. For the math facts, I have some at TJ under the addition and multiplication math pages.



Seterra Software

     Our current goal is for the older kids to learn the locations of the 50 states. After that, insha Allah the plan is for them to learn the state capitals and then countries/major cities by continent.  Seterra is nice because it is timed and gives you a score (the percent you got right). If you get some wrong, it gives you a chance to retry and then will show you the answer.  The kids love trying to beat their records.

Daily Session Goal:

1.                                                            Do region (states/countries) 5x each day

2.                                                            Review older regions 1x each day

(In addition, I  have them do worksheets here and there from Enchanted Learning, label maps, etc.)

This is really the basis of our geography as a subject for now. In addition, I am planning to have each of my older students write a small report on one state, one country, etc.

Math Facts

Flix Prod Animated Arithmetic


        Multiplication facts

1.                                                                        Do new/current table (x4, etc) 5 x each session. You can make it so that after every certain number of problems there’s a game (under parental control) so each group of problems between games is 1 time.

2.                                                                        Do each review table (those mastered) 1 x.

I test them on a table and if they have mastered it then they move on.

The Flix Prod game is not timed, so if I want to time them, I use Kidware software Multiplication Facts game.



Flix Prod Animated Arithmetic or Animated Math

These are nice programs, the kids love them, but I am also hoping to find a program that groups the problems by (+1s, +2s, etc) to give me easy goals to assign.



Stamina Typing (for older kids)

Flix Prod Animated Typing  (for the younger kids)


        Stamina: Do each lesson  5-10 x (depending upon length) times daily, record scores. Move onto new lesson when goal is reached (our current goal is 30wpm).

Here is a pdf of keyboarding drills which you can use in the program or just print out and have the kids practicelooking at it

Stamina is a really neat program. You can create your own lessons as well by pasting text into lesson editor.




I put all the shortcuts to these review games into a games folder on the desktop so they can get to them quickly, insha Allah.

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