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8th Grade Spelling lists and lesson outline

My older kids’ language arts has been kind of sporadic lately so we are picking back up on spelling.  Besides learning to spell the words, we are working on them from a vocabulary standpoint.

By googling, you can find many spelling lists for 8th grade. Here are a few I came across: This is the one we are currently using. Since we may do more than one list per week, I plan to move onto other lists like the one below, insha Allah (wishful thinking? lol).

Of course there is no “THE 8th grade spelling list” because you will find different words on different lists. One of the words on the list we are using was on a third grade list somewhere! But I like how this list is because it divides the words into lists usually based on some concept such as compound words, etc.  I prefer these to the alphabetical lists. 

So here’s a little outline I put together for our spelling work for each list:


Day 1:


Circle and rewrite mispelled words and record in mispelled words notebook to be reviewed regularly

Sort it Out!

Student sorts word by list concept (example, in list 1 of the top link, the first list is compound words, so I have them sort by the ways the compounds are formed: written as one word, written as two words, hypenated); if there is no phonics concept or grammar concept, have student sort by some other criteria

Alphabetize the list

Day 2

Quiz on words (oral or written)

What do you mean? (not all four items have to be done)

1. Look up words and write the part of speech and definition

2. Sort words by part of speech

3. Make up a definition match where student must match definition  with the word or have student complete a crossword puzzle based upon the words or have student make up a crossword puzzle.

4. Find synonyms/antonyms for selected words

Day 3

Put it in context

1. Use each word in a sentence or have student write story. I have a special format for how the sentences must be written. (At least

2. Fill in the blank exercise (choose correct spelling word)

Get it Right!

1. Proofread text with the words in them

Dictation (test)

Write dictated words and sentences (can be done day 4 and then move onto new list that same day)

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