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our Free Ninth Grade curriculum



While browsing the web a few months back, I saw on the Well Trained Mind forum, a few members shared their free curriculum choices. So, I thought I’d do the same.  I am so happy to be homeschooling now as when I started out, there were not so many free resources out there.  You really can educate your children these days (with the help of libraries and internet) for virutally free, masha Allah. (Now, if there was some way to get your school supplies for free………..

So anyway, I thought I’d share my ninth grade curriculum as it is from free resources readily available from the internet.

So here we go……………….


Guide to Grammar and Writing

I have them read the pages, take notes in outline form. For each concept/term, they write an example.  Their practice is them to take and write 5-10 sentences to illustrate the concept taught.  It is self paced right now, they just must work the full hour allotted for Grammar.  At the end of each page is a quiz or quizzes.

Yesterday a friend gave me the URL for a site that has workbooks for grades 6 – 12 that are free.  So if you looking for other free grammar, spelling, writing, and composition resources, then try  Glencoe Language Arts Workbooks. I am going to peruse these and may forgo the Guide to Grammar for something (these workbooks) that’s a little more defined (in the sense that I can just assign pages, whereas with the Guide to Grammar, its more self paced).



We’re using NCERTS Level 10 book here.  The ninth level was too far below their level and although the level 10 may not be quite 9th grade level in the states, I thought it was a good match for us.  You can view/download all the NCERT texts here. Here is the Level 10 we are using. It consists of two books. There are many words from familiar authors in here including Nelson Mandela and Anne Frank (her diary).  The books include the literature selection and work to accompany it (comprehension questions, speaking and writing, grammar activities, etc).

Here is my current outline of study, though insha Allah, I’ll be doing some fixing up (and finishing, insha Allah) on it.

We’re also supplementing our study with novels. I’m shooting for one a month maybe. As I wrote about earlier, the kids are to read sections of a novel and do an entry in their reading response journal.  Of course, there are so many novels available for free at the internet, masha Allah, so that makes this free as well. Here’s one place to start: Planetebook (the books have a nice little cover).  We supplement (using that word a lot on here) with study guides/notes, such as those from The Best Notes. They have nice summaries and character/literary analysis. I hope to have them do their reading journal daily and then sit down with them at least once a week (maybe the weekend) to go over the summaries at sites like The Best Notes.


We are just using spelling lists from around the internet.  At the bottom of this page (new project, lol), you can see what lists we are using (links are given).  And again, I recommend checking out the free Glencoe spelling workbooks, which I am not sure I’ll use as we are on a roll with our lists, and we have our spelling routine mapped and it seems to be working, so……….


Well, I was going to kind of just wing it here and do prompts from 501 Writing Prompts, but now, insha Allah, I am thinking I’ll use the composition workbooks (there are three for each grade 6-12) from the Glencoe site mentioned above (an enrichment workbook, a reteaching one and a practice one).  They seem really good, masha Allah.  I think my kids will enjoy using them, insha Allah.



For ninth grade math, we’ve switched over from NCERT books to CIMT (Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching’s Year 9 books. I really like NCERT math books for levels 6, 7, and 8, but for us I think CIMT’s year 9 book is better for us than the level 9 NCERT math book.

However, here is the link to view/download the NCERT books.


We are using (which I totally love), NCERT’s Level 9 book for science. I have found it pretty easy to teach from them and I think, on the whole, they don’t get bogged down in too much detail which is great for us as we have never really done math formally for very long.  The ninth grade book is a general science book so I think if that was all the science we got around to, that would give then a general understanding (my opinion). 

I am in the process of outlining our studies here, which may not help you this year if you have a ninth grader (as I am making it up as we go along), but insha Allah, I’ll complete it and it may be of use in the future.

World Geography

We’re currently using’s Ninth Grade World Geography flashcard curriculum. I really like it because it allows the student to study independently. I am trying to supplement it with activities such as current events and maybe a little report writing. 

In addition, I may have my kids take notes or just record the card numbers they worked on or something as I feel I need a way to make sure they are doing the cards.  The only thing I don’t like about it is that I would like to be able to see in advance what they are working on so that would help me prepare supplemental material. I asked the owner if there was a file available that had each class’s questions and answers (he seemed a little perturbed at me asking) and said that there were over 1 million cards (Ok, that’s a lot, but I just thought as individuals make up the cards, they would maybe have an outline and that could be used to generate pdfs, but hey, didn’t hurt to ask).  There is a browse flashcards feature, but you can’t see all of every question and you can’t see the answers at all).

But anyway, still a good program, I just feel the need to supplement, but if it came down to it, with how busy things are, then insha Allah just going through the cards would suffice.  

Islamic Studies

Working on Islamic Studies, right now, we’re just reading articles from scholars here and there at the present…….one excellent source for material that I use to base our lessons on is Abdur There are so many great resources there from authentic sources.


and that’s basically it. Hope you find it helpful if you are planning for ninth grade (or heck, even in the midst of it now and struggling to find resources.


What FREE Ninth Grade resources do you use?

If you’ve got a moment, please share your choices for free ninth grade resources.


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