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Our Free 10th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Here is a round up of what we have started using for 10th grade this year (of course, as always, it is subject to change). All resources were found online.


Algebra 1:

  • Elementary Algebra with Applications, 2006*
  • Glencoe Algebra 1*

(If interested in receiving this, just leave me a comment with you email address and I’ll email the link–inshaa Allah))

English 10




The English up to this point may seem a little hairy at first glance, but these resources are workbooks, not full textbooks and my daughter generally gets through them fairly quickly, ma sha Allah.


I pdf’d these to make complete collections as the pdfs were by chapter.

I love these books, ma sha Allah. We used the 10th grade last year for 9th grade and I couldn’t find a complete set of grade 11 online, so we’re going with the 12th grade one. I think the books are for English second language learners, so 12th grade is not overly advanced for 10th grade, in my opinion. They are really nice as they expose student to a variety of international writers including major American writers.

  • Novels

Assorted novels from online (Project Gutenberg, Planet E-Book, etc). Glencoe Literature Library has some great study guides to use with novels. We also read the chapter summaries and notes from sites like and Cliff Notes.


Reading Essentials for Biology: An Interactive Student Textbook

Biology for Dummies*

World History

Glencoe Human Heritage

*Any of the books not linked, I have digital copies of them, so you can leave a comment (will not be published) requesting me to send them.

  • And that’s our plan for this year, insha Allah…… Hope you can find some benefit from these resources if you’ve got a 10th grader or are planning for the future………………

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