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Kindergarten Math Scopes


I’ve never used a formal curriculum for math and its usually been just touch and go.  My four year old (almost 5) is eager to learn and so I wanted to give him a bit more structured, consistent learning.

So I dug up some kindergarten math scopes from the net to help me get a basic plan together. At the very least, I can look at the scopes and pick skills to work on if I don’t get a  neatly organized plan together.


K12’s Kindergarten Math Scope

This is a neat one in that it has objectives and sample activities to teach those objectives, 53 pages.

Month by Month Scope and Sequence

LearnNC’s wonderful math resources (K-2). For the scope, you’ll want to check out the Classroom Strategies which lists objectives and fun activities to teach concepts, however, you’ll also not want to miss the Week by Week Essentials—-36 weeks of cool stuff, lol. In addition they have blackline masters and grade K indicators, just a LOT of stuff. They have this for grades K-8. Use the breadcrumb navigation at the top to get back to Instructional Resources for grades 3 and up.

Side note: Don’t constrain yourself to kindergarten curriculum skills if natural ones come up. I taught my 4 year old the concept of Even and Odd in a oh so not formal way the other day and he still remembers it (well actually after writing this I did see odd/even in one of the scopes, lol). But ……… I ask him sporadically throughout the day, is 4 odd or even, 3? etc.  He’ll even offer up some numbers and then tell me if it’s odd or even. Here’s a little more formal (but not super) way of teaching Odd/Even that I posted  here previously. And a few odd/even resources from the main TJ site.

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Kindergarten Checklists

I like to use checklists from time to time as they are helpful to see some of the areas we can work on in any subject.

I don’t use a kindergarten curriculum, we just basically work on the alphabet, sounds of letters, short vowel words, and basic math concepts.  For us, the bulk of “school for kindergarten is the above plus social skills which are more or less taught in context (no formal lessons).

I was looking for some kindergarten checklists today and found some below. I just went through a list and kind of “quizzed” my four year old to see which of the items he could do, it was more of a fun activity, not like a test. 

I thought the lists might be helpful for others, so I list a few here: (Editable PDF) (bubbles that you tick off and then you can get a printable copy).

Kindergarten Readiness Checklists


These are also nice to have for a portfolio in case you need/want to keep one.

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Science – Living/Non living Sort

Science file folder game- Living/Non living Sort (Pre-K – 1)


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