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Homeschool Grading Sheet



We don’t really do grades too strictly around here, so this simple sheet works for us. Its primary use for us is to provide an outline of our books to give us a work plan. We list all the sections of a particular textbook and plot a date for each section. We then use this sheet to make up a weekly work plan.  When the kids are finished with a section/assignment, they check it off as well as record a grade.  There is a small bit of room to record problem numbers to go back and review.

It uses a running grade method that I picked up from somewhere, not based on weighted averages for example, but I like this one as it lets the kids know about where they are grade wise at any time. In earlier attempts to give grades, I would mark the grades down and then have to go back and average everything up at the end, that was a nightmare; with this one you keep a running total.

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