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Pronoun Flashcards/Review Poster


8 flashcards for reviewing pronouns. (These were prepared based upon 5th grade material.)


Pronouns Poster – covers definition of a pronoun, subject and object pronouns, pronouns ending in –self/selves, possessive pronouns. (also prepared based upon 5th grade material).


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Ramadan Grammar Worksheets



Working on parts of speech?

These worksheets feature nouns, verbs, and adjectives—-related to Ramadan and fasting—to be sorted!

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Adverbs for Elementary Students

image Obviously a little humor in the picture as we would use “well” in this case. …….

My fifth grader is working on adverbs. He did the lesson himself and didn’t get the full idea behind them, so we stopped to review.  I made a notebooking entry for him in his grammar notebook (eventually I’ll have him do the notes, in shaAllah).

I’ll share our main points from our entry and then some nice resources I found to accompany our study, in sha Allah.

Our Notebooking points:

(Most of these are in little bubbly shapes)

What is an adverb?

An adverb is a word that tells how, when, and where (and “to what extent” though this final definition is not yet covered at his level) an action occurs.

Many adverbs end in –ly


slowly, quickly

An adverb is one word

(he was picking out prepositional phrases in his exercises as adverbs, so I put in this information.

How to find an adverb in a sentence:

1. Look for your verb.

2. Look for the word that tells how, when, or where that action occurred.

Big List of Examples

big list of adverbs sorted according to how, when, where, why. (We pulled these out of the book and worksheets)


I think that he really sees the value of notetaking.  After we had made the notes (ok, me) He said, “I have an idea.” We should do the notes, then I do the exercises” (so he can use the notes, which is the whole point. so yay, he seems to get it). Lately we have gotten into auto mode with the school work and the kids start off on their own.  I am trying to grab back some more structure and work with them because although most of them are great self starters, it is great for us to do the lessons together so I can draw out points they might miss on their own.


So here are some of the great resources I found: Adverbs

7 nice worksheets on adverbs. I really love this site.

Adverb PowerPoint

Nice, short 4 page powerpoint with a little quiz at the end.

Did You Say Adverbs?

I like this one as it gives the definition of an adverb plus examples, but it also has comprehension questions on the concept. I try to ask questions from many angles to make sure they understand the grammar concepts so this fit in line with how I try to teach.

For high schoolers: 

Too advanced for my fifth grader, but I love this site for the big kids.


So those are just a few of the things I found. These days, I try not to be exhaustive in my searches as they are very time consuming, so I try to find a few that work and go with those.

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Grammar Notebooking: Comparing with Adjectives


Resources for teaching/practicing comparative (comparing two things) and superlatives (comparing 3 or more things)



A notes/rules page, and activity (where child makes comparative and superlative forms) with two card sets.


Related Links: (worksheet generator) (worksheet) (activity)

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parts of Speech Table


We’ve done this activity more informally in the past with spelling words: take a word, such as a verb, and write it as a noun, adjective, etc.

Now, I am making it a little more formal by having them make a table (in the past I’d just have them come up with maybe only one or two different parts of speech).


Your Word

Its Current POS

Noun Form

Verb Form

Adjective Form

Adverb Form



achievement, achiever





Nothing earth shattering, just an activity idea, I thought I’d share………


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