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Graphic Design

My 14 year old thinks she wants to go into graphic design.  Ma sha Allah, I think she has the aptitude for it. She is my color analyst for projects. She has a flair for laying things out;  whereas I may just put pictures or clip art straight on a page, she may slant them, or if I go with a basic skinny line border, she may take it and just make the line bolder and what a difference it makes.

So, I have scoured the net looking for resources to help her get some of the theory behind graphic design.  I think I’d like to take some of the tutorials myself……………….

I thought these resources would be great for her, as well as material for elective courses for high school.


Exploring Graphic Design as a possible career choice

Free Tutorials and Online Introductory Courses (and reading that can be used for HS coursework)


PMSD – Graphic Design


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High School Course of Study

If you are starting to think about high schooling (and panicking) there are plenty of resources on the ‘net to assist you in planning for high school.

I’m at that point now (the planning and panicking). At any rate, insha Allah, I’ll be sharing some of my resources/information that I’ve gleaned from the net here more.

If you want to know where to start, check out Donna Young’s High School Planning Section. This links right to a little box where she succinctly spells out the steps in planning for high school (she makes it seem so easy, well easier than what I had envisioned). So do check out that little section.

After getting a quick idea of what you’ll need to be doing from the link above; (you may want to jot it down so you feel like you have a little road map); hop over to her HS Requirements Page, which is her first suggested step, checking the HS grad requirements. She gives you a little tip for finding the HS Requirements for your state.

If you are overseas and don’t have a permanent residence, you might consider checking out California’s and NC’s high school graduation requirements. California is known to have some  of the most comprehensive education standards. In addition, I have found a wealth of information for homeschooling in general from NC’s Education Department (not geared towards homeschooling, but helpful), so that’s why I suggest NC.

Diploma Guide has a nice compilation of HS grad requirements by all 50 states, but I highly suggest you refer to your state’s authentic education site for more accurate information….so its handy to use Donna Young’s suggestion at her HS requirements page for tips for searching for requirements by state. In addition, if you are thinking about college, you might check college admission requirements for local colleges or ones you think your homeschooler would be interested in attending.

Now onto the point of this particular post……

1. I checked on the net for high school grad requirements. check

2. Then I composed a 4 year plan. I used Donna Young’s 4 Year Course of Plan Form

and came up with my own course of study, which I am providing as an example.  I had done this a while back, but lost the digital copy during the move. Originally, I had included Islamic Studies and Quraan, but did not put them on this one.

My Sample High School 4 Year Course of Study

Now, if you are stumped about what to COURSES to teach per grade, you can try Free World’sK-12 curriculum (DOC). I didn’t stick totally to this one because their math is more advanced; Allahu ilm, I don’t think we’ll get to pre calc and calculus. But at any rate, I found it helpful for other courses and of course, you can find this info on the web, insha Allah.

I hope to provide more helpful homeschooling high school resources in the future as we make our way along that path, insha Allah………………………………………..


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