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Indus Valley Civilizations–Social Studies Thursday

“The Indus Valley Civilization was one of the world’s first great urban civilizations. It flourished in the vast river plains and adjacent regions in what are now Pakistan and western India.” (

My oldest daughter recently studied the Indus Valley civilizations. I’ve collected really helpful resources which include videos and slideshows. 

You can stop by and browse them at TJ Socials Studies’ World History Department.  I really enjoyed reading and viewing material about this civilization.

While we were studying this, I marveled at the fact that when I was in school, the main medium was the textbook, maybe some filmstrips. These days the web provides richer content which I think really helps the kids get more of a feel of what these ancient civilizations may have been like. What a great time to be homeschooling, alhamdulillah!

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World History–Social Studies Thursday



The World History section is now open at TJ Social Studies….

Links to lesson plans, reference sites, textbooks, printables, Powerpoints, and resources by time period/events.

TJ social Studies’ World History Resources

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Homeschool High School History Helps

Well, we seem to finally be getting into the groove of things, insha Allah, for this school year. Yes, this school year. I am still tweaking our schedule, but I’m finally just about finished choosing our books for the year (super late, but more difficult when you’ve got to basically rely upon what you can find on the internet). 

As with all our classes, I try to establish a routine for a particular study period so that it flows better, insha Allah. Here are a few resources that may help make your high school history run a little more smoothly, insha Allah.

History Glossary Templates

I made these up for my children to record people, places, and things of history. The way that the form is set up leads nicely for the form to be used for review.  I was pleased to find out, after reading a How to Study history guide, that this was a recommended practice to set up such a glossary. Ok, glossaries aren’t new, but it was just nice to see that he recommended setting it up just as I had already planned to; as reinforcement I guess.  Mind you, we’ve never formally done history studies (well not consistently) so I am having to establish guidelines for our study that I had not established before. 

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Study Guide for Studying History

I came across this site today, The Student’s Guide to the Study of History.

It goes over reasons for studying history, taking notes, reading for history, research papers, budgeting your time, and more. Its really helpful.


Free History Textbooks

We were going to initially study World Geography this year (9th grade) with Free World’s flashcard curriculum, but its been difficult as at times our internet connection goes rather slow.  So a friend passed on a site to me that I had see in the past, but never got back to check it out further. Documents/Book Subject Areas.aspx

They’ve got many high textbooks here available for free (history, economics, science, English, Spanish, Life Skills, Math, and PE). We really enjoy using them so far, so I highly recommend checking them out. My oldest, who doesn’t typically like to study, enjoys them as well, so that’s a big plus.   They aren’t weighted down with a whole bunch of extra stuff, so that makes the concepts easier to digest, insha Allah.

We’ve moved onto US History this year as we’ve started World History a few times in the past and stopped, but we’ve never studied US history formally.  Insha Allah, we’ll pick up world  history again next year, and I plan on using books from here, so I hope that things will flow more smoothly the next time around.

The books at the above site are available as pieces (each unit may be a file) which is kind of inconvenient, so I used my PDFEdit program from to combine all units, for a given course, into one book.



On a side note, has some nice resources for high school world history, including a student textbook. Its nice, but is more like a summary of history (great for some quick review or quick study) and it does have some supplements like quizzes as well, but I just never got very far as I would get off on a tangent trying to find materials to go along with it as it is very brief and concise.  Also, there is a nice 16 page guide to writing research reports which will be handy in any class (not just history), so do stop by there if you get a chance if you need this kind of resource.


Happy History Studies!

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