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“Mom”-inar # 1

image“Mom” inar?  Ok, it’s a term, that I made up (though after having come up with it, I saw it one other place on the ‘net), but it’s my term for little seminars to hold with the kids to improve/review more life “skillsy” things.   They are meant to be less formal than lessons and more practice oriented.

However, I don’t like to approach too much of anything without some sort of plan (that’s just me).  Granted, many life skills things are basic and kids could just learn from demonstrations and guided practice, but well I’m me and that’s how it goes (I just gotta add a “lil somethin.’”

So, I am starting what I hope to be a series of Mom-inars that I’ll write down a basic outline of things I want to cover about a specific task. I like to do research on the web to see if there’s a better way to do things as I am not the best when it comes to domestic issues (as a kid, I had a pretty cushy (not rich) life and didn’t learn how to do a lot of basic things as my mom usually ended up doing ‘em for me or just didn’t stress certain things.)

Ok, maybe I’m taking it too far, but again, it’s my nature, I like to be prepared and I like to add useful bit of information to make learning more interesting.


So without further adieu, here’s Mom inar #1.  Not sure of the frequency of them. My personal goal is to do one weekly one on the weekend. Sometimes I may write them up before and post them and then sometimes we may improv and I’ll write something up after having actually done it


Mom-inar #1: Sweeping the Floor

Prep/Materials Needed:
  • Broom

  • Dustpan

  • Trash can

  • Chalk

  • Pieces of trash that are too big to be swept up (or stuff that’s not trash, i.e. toys, etc)

  • Dirt on the floor (ha ha—how hard is that to find in a house full of kids?)

  • Couple of rooms that need sweeping (again, not hard?)


Today we’re going to go over how to properly sweep the floor.



Sweeping the floor is 4 steps:

1. Picking up objects that are too big to sweep

2. Sweeping the dirt into piles

3. Sweeping the piles into the dust pan

4. Throwing the piles away.

Sweeping is not just sweeping the broom across the floor!

It’s getting the trash up and into the trash!



What will we need to sweep the floor? Tell me and then go get them.

Point to Remember: Don’t just get the broom, get the broom and dustpan!!


Mom instructions:

1. Take chalk and draw a circle in the center of the floor. If you don’t have chalk, take a piece of paper or something to mark the center of the floor.  (“This generates a visual for where to sweep all the dirt.”—; I’ve seen this mentioned two places on the ‘’net). 

2. First, tell child that you need to look at the floor and pick up anything that is not trash or that is too big or bulky to sweep up (i.e. a sheet of paper), so Mom, pick up big objects from the floor and put them up (or you could have a bin to place things in to be put up later).

3. Demonstrate starting from the edges of the room into the center, where your marked spot/marker is. Add some commentary as you sweep, if only to explain what you are doing. You may want to tell child to start in a generic specific (oxymoron?) place for any room (say start at the door and sweep around the edges til you get back to the door).

4. Once dirt is swept into a center pile, demonstrate how to sweep pile into the dustpan, making sure to show that you may have to try several times, moving the dustpan back some each time.

5. Tell child(ren) to walk with you to the trash can, and dump the trash into the can, making sure that NONE falls out, but it SOME falls out, sweep it up back up and put it in the trash.



1. Now, it’s your turn to try.  Let’s go into the ______________ room and sweep.

2. Now, child will sweep the room while you watch. Before he starts you could say, ok, what’s the first thing you are going to do? Then? Then? Finally? (to check understanding or sequencing of tasks.)

3. Now as child goes through steps, give feedback (more positive than negative), but be sure to make sure that it’s done correctly— good job, oops you missed a spot, what’s next?)

Make sure all 4 steps are followed. You may want to do another room/other rooms while you are at it.



Ask student to pretend that you don’t know how to sweep and explain how to sweep to you.  You could go through the actions as he says them, so he can see if his explanation will get the job done correctly.



Here are some activities/reading you can do to go along with this mom-inar.

1. Read a history of brooms:

2. Make a homemade broom:,

3. History of the dustpan:;; talk about the difference in facts as to who really invented it. Read the patent for the improved dustpan:


(Take Away)

If you want to get a little schooly:

1. WRITING: Have student write a how to paragraph on how to sweep (my kids love to write how to’s) or how to make a broom; older kids can write a mini report on the history of the broom or dustpan.

2. ART: Have younger kids (or even the big ones), make a graphical representation of how to sweep, including clip art or hand drawn drawings.  Remind them to give their work a title. 

3. ARABIC Learn “broom, trash, dustpan, sweeping” in Arabic;  how to say “sweep (command), I swept, Did you sweep?’


(Maintenance by Mom)

Focus on monitoring this task right now after the mominar. Schedule brush up reviews throughout the year, maybe one per season or one every six months, insha Allah.  I am writing the mominar topics on my monthly/yearly master calendar, insha Allah, so I can remember to revisit them, insha Allah.

Was this helpful?  Would you like to see other Mom-inars?

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