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Islamic Studies Binder Dividers

I’ve finished phase 1 of my Islamic Studies binder make over project, I’ve completed section dividers for various topics in Islamic Studies. Here is my collection of about 33 different subtopics from Quraan, Arabic, Prophets and Messengers, Eating Etiquette, and more.

My  next phase is to take each main topic, such as Quraan and make a set to include helpful reference information (lists, charts, trackers, etc) to put int o the binder.  I’m currently working on the Quraan set and hope to have that posted by the end of the week in sha Allah.

I think the sets will be handy for homeschoolers (teacher and student)as well as adult Muslims to help organize their notes and reference materials in general.

If you can think of any more that you’d like (I didn’t catch everything 33??? ha ha), please let me know.

Islamic Studies Binder Set (Section Dividers)

(both links are for the same document, I was having trouble getting the link to show up, so I included both of them)

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