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Duaa for After Eating Learning Aids

The Prophet (SallAllahu alayhi wa sallam) said: “Allâh is pleased with His slave if, when he eats something, he thanks Allâh for it, and when he drinks something, he thanks Allâh for it” (Muslim).

A few learning resources I put together, in different formats as I know some like the transliteration and some don’t, plus a few more options……


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Morning Thikr with Audio


I revised the previously posted morning thikr to include audio.

Morning Thikr Poster with Audio

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Good Night, Little Muslim–Bedtime “Thikr”


This is a little book I made to share with the kids at bedtime.  It contains athkaar for night time that were said by the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) according to Hisnul Muslim.

I have two versions, a printable copy and one with audio. 

Good Night, Little Muslim (printable PDF)

Good Night, Little Muslim (audio PDF)

Includes a little night time routine checklist.



I printed it out on my printer 2 pages per page to make a small, book for easier handling.


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Waking Up Thikr 1 & 2


I’ve been on a quest to make the duaa/thikr posters more educational so that they are not only good for reminders, but also to help understand what is being said and for learning Arabic.

I’m excited to share the two new thikr posters I made for waking up. There are two versions, a printable copy, and a copy that includes the audio to help pronounce them correctly.

Thikr 1: All praise be to Allah for giving us life……


The posters are identical except the second version contains an audio control at the bottom, you simply click and here the duaa/thikr.

And, a second feature is that the posters are color coded. I have used colors so that the transliteration, translation and Arabic for each word/phrase  match to help identify which words mean what.


Thikr 2- All praise be to Allah for restoring my health…….



(click on the pictures to download)

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Update: Morning Thikr


I got a request to add transliteration to the morning thikr previously posted.

I also revised it by breaking it down into “sentences/phrases,”  so I hope that it will make it easier to perhaps learn the Arabic vocabulary by the text being in smaller chunks.

I hope to get around to making more of this format, in sha Allah…….


(This one is not so printer friendly for us frugal hs’ers (but I love it). I will try to make up a more printer friendly one in sha Allah……….

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