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Reciting Suratul Kahf on Jumuah…

I’ve made a presentation on the virtues of reciting suratul kahf on al Jumuah for my kids. It also includes the Arabic text and audio for ayaat 1-10 that they can listen to. We are beginning to use this to aid them in reciting suratul kahf on Jumuahs independently, in sha Allah. (PDF Version) (PPT 2010)

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Jumuah Reminder

Just a little reminder for today via graphics from the wonderful sisters at Easel and Ink Forumotion:


06jum-ghusl alkahf10



Graphics from:

Happy Jumuah! Don’t forget those duaas in the last hour…………….

And if you need a Jumuah refresher, go grab a digital copy of TJ’s “It’s Jumuah” PowerPoint:

People of the Cave Flash (story from Suratul Jumumah) Presentation for kids,2/flashstories/kahf.html

(We watched this this morning, it was cute for the kids).

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