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Mini Books for Lapbooks for Islamic Studies

Here are a few mini books that I made or compiled for Islamic Studies for lapbooks:

For use with  Prophet’s Prayer Described (or any study of Salat)

Facing the Kabah – a cube shaped mini book: ppd-minibooks-facing-the-kabah

Sutrah – a flapbook: ppd-minibooks-sutrah

Books of Allah – matching game: file-folder-games-islamic-books-of-allah

Here are some resources that were donated to TJ from the sister that runs :

These are worksheets. Just cut them out to make instant file folder/lapbook activities, insha Allah:

is_salaat_looks_like_time: Match the name of the prayer to the picture that looks like what it looks at that prayer time.

is_salaat_names_of_positions_match : Match the prayer position name to the pictured prayer position

is_salaat_salah_time_today: Write the time of the prayers today and show on the clocks on the sheet

is_salaat_the_proper_salah: Pictures of different sequences shown. Show the one that shows the correct sequence of the prayer.

is_salaat_position_cut_and_paste: Match the pictured prayer positions to the correct name

Wudhu Sequencing Activity by TJ:


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Hindi Numerals File folder/Lapbook ideas

My middles and the sixes are learning their hindi numerals as part of our Arabic class.

So I am putting together a file folder pack/lapbook with lots of review activities.

Here’s a listing of what I’m working on putting in:

  • A number chart
  • A number line
  • Numeral flashcards
  • Drill cards
    • Cards with rows or stair steps of numerals for student to read.
  • Sequence cards

I make up cards with one number on it and a blank line (before, on one card and after on another card.  I laminate this and student writes the number coming before or after as indicated by the position of the blank line.

I also make up cards for a number missing in the middle.

To vary the activity, instead of writing on the card, paper number tiles or sets of objects can be placed in the correct blank.

Also, just take a set of digit cards (0 through 9) and have student put in order.

  • Dot to Dot worksheets. Print out dot to dots, white out the numerals or letters and replace with hindi numerals. Laminate. Here are some dot to dot printable pages from Kidszone
  • Numeral tracing cards. Laminated cards with dotted hindi numerals to trace.
  • Addition/subtraction cards with the hindi numerals used; laminate
  • Use two decks of digit cards (0-9) and make greater than, less than, equal cards. Student picks two cards and puts the correct card (<> or =) inbetween the two digit cards picked.




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Islamic Lapbooking

I haven’t been able to find any groups related to Islamic based lapbooking/notebooking/file folder games, so a friend of mine and I decided to start one. It is for women only. If you are interested in joining, please go to:

and apply.

Insha Allah, we hope to provide pictures of sample Islamic based lapbooks that members make, as well as links to online resources related to lapbooks, and also we hope that this group will serve as motivation for those of us who are interested in making lapbooks but have never done so or are not typically arts and crafts people (as well as those who are).

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