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Shahadah; Life Skills for Adolescent Muslimahs

TJ has two new Islamic Studies items available for download:

1. Shahadah learning resources. I’ve got a few learning posters including a word by word breakdown of the shahadah, as well as links to online shahadah reading material. Available at:


2. One module of TJ’s Journey to Muslim Womanhood life skills for adolescent Muslimahs is available. This unit/module is on Islamic Dress and contains articles, fatawa, and activities pertaining to the hijaab, awrah, bras, shoes, jewelry, etc. Available for download:

You can take a peek at the other modules in the works, in sha Allah, here:

If you are interested in helping to build this resource, I’d love some help. Please email me at

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Clothing Care–Life Skills Saturday


TJ Life Skills has a resourceful section on clothing care from sorting and prepping laundry to ironing and folding and more.

Includes sample learning goals to help guide your study, in sha Allah. Do formal studies or sit back one afternoon and go over a resource and then have fun with practical demonstrations!

TJ Life Skills Clothing Care Section

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