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Bathroom Etiquette

We had an impromptu class on bathroom etiquette today……

Prompted by:

  • Frustration of bathroom shoes not placed outside the door after usage so that the next user would have to go searching around the house
  • Frustration from a dirty mirhad seat and floor,
  • Frustration due to the fact that we we have left off saying the duaa before entering the bathroom and upon leaving……

So I gathered the crew and we had class in the hall outside the bathroom door.  How’s that for a change of study environment?

I basically followed what I had put together in my Bathroom Etiquette Guide at TJ except I didn’t have a copy with me at the time.

Before we got into the basics, I told them we were doing this for two main reasons:

1. Uncleanliness can lead to sickness

2. Everything that we do can be ibaadah to Allah, even going to the bathroom.

I basically (with a dash of silliness) walked us through the whole process of going to the bathroom and discussed each action:

  • Putting on bathroom shoes.

I  “formally” designated a bathroom shoes spot.  Although they knew to put the bathroom shoes outside the door, most of the time when you wanted to go to the bathroom you had to search the whole house for shoes. 

  • Saying the duaa when we enter the bathroom

My bathroom duaa sign had fallen and then who knows where it ended up, so I’m printing out a new bathroom duaa sign , insha Allah to rehang. We’ll eventually forget about it I am sure, but while its fresh, its will serve its purpose, insha Allah.

  • Stepping in with our left foot

After finishing our business, making istinja; if the bottle is less than half full after you have used it, then refill it.

  • Clean off the toilet/ mirhad  (Arabic toilet) when you are finished. Since you step on these, they get dirty pretty easily.
  • Flush the toilet/mirhad. 
  • Squeegee up any excess water from the floor.
  • Wash your hands with soap.

My motto: “Leave the bathroom cleaner than you found it”

  • Step out with your right foot, say ghufranaka
  • Put the bathroom shoes in THE designated spot.

Ok, so of course after that lesson, everyone was asking me to tell them the duaa (the little ones), the bathroom has stayed neat today, shoes were placed neatly back in THE designated area….today.

And maybe tomorrow, things will still be nice. I don’t expect it to last forever, but insha Allah, with enough review (we’ve done this once before, and I hope to do it more regularly), insha allah, it will become a habit….


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