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Determining the Better Buy

How to Determine the Better buy (In terms of price alone)

We had an unplanned lesson on determining which product was a better buy. I wrote up a little summary of our impromptu lesson so I could use it in the future, in sha Allah.

How to Determine the Better Buy mini lesson, includes discussion on other factors that should be considered besides price.


Ed Helper Better Buy Worksheet

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Division Learning Objectives

965/5 step 8

Two of the kids are wrapping up a unit on division and I really want to make sure that they understand the concept of division and real life applications, so  I made up a set of mastery objectives to use to evaluate them as well as for review. We’re just using a math textbook without a teacher’s guide and a lot of basic theory and underlying ideas that I think they should learn are not given in the explanations.


Q1: What is division?

A1: Dividing up a number or quantity into equal parts

Q2: What can division tell us?


– If we know (divide) the number of groups, division tells us how many are in each group

– If we know (divide) by the number in EACH group, division tells us how many groups we have

So when we use division, division tells us:

– the NUMBER OF GROUPS we can make or need or have OR

-the NUMBER IN EACH GROUP given a certain number of groups.

Q3: Give a real life problem where division is used to find the number of groups

Q4: Give a real life problem where division is used to find the number in each group

Q5: Division is the opposite of which operation? How? Because of this, what can we do to check the answer to a division problem?

Q6: Set up (write) a long division format problem and show which is the quotient, divisor, and dividend

Q7: Given an oral division word problem, solve it and tell me what the divisor, dividend, and quotient are.

Q8: If you have a remainder in a division problem, what does that mean?

Q9: The quotient of any number divided by one is_______________________.

Q10: When a number is divided by itself, the quotient is _________________.

Q11: When 0 is divided by any non-zero number, the quotient is __________________.

Q12: Given real life objects, model a division problem and tell what represents the divisor, dividend, and quotient.

Q13: Define: quotient, dividend, divisor, remainder

Q14: Work a long division problem and check the answer. What method will you use to check your answer? Why?

Q13: What does it mean if a number is divisible by a second number?

Q14: How many you tell if a umber is divisible by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, or 10?

Q15: Given a number, tell it if is divisible by 2/3/4/5/6/9/10 and how you know?

Q16: What are prime numbers? Give an example.

Q17: What are composite numbers? Given an example.

Q18: What are the first 10 prime numbers?

Q19: What is prime factorization? Find the prime factorization of a given number.

Q20: Find all the factors of a given number.

Q21: Find the common factors of 2 or more numbers.

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