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Math Guided Notes: Geometry

I made up some guided math notes for my 5th and 6th grade math level kids to fill in and use to study. Hope they may be of help to others……..




Special Quadrilaterals/Parallelograms:

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Square or Rectangle?

Ok, a square is a special kind of rectangle, but for my 5 year old, we’ll just stick with square or rectangle.

I made him some worksheets to practice distinguishing between the two. They can be cut apart to make flashcards as well. I ask him is it a square or rectangle and with each response, I ask him why it is what he said.

image image


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Perimeter File Folder Cards

Here are some basic perimeter cards that I made up. Each card has a polygon with measurements and students can pick a card and calculate the perimeters. You could make answer cards to go along with it and make it a matching activity.  I got these from 4th and 5th grade books…………. You could just also use them for worksheets.

Perimeter Cards

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Solid Figure Geometry Study for Second Grade

Someone had asked about resources for second grade geometry study of solid figures. This seemed like a helpful site: ( links to online activities and lessons)

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Geometry File Folder Activities

A few file folder activities I made up:

Intersecting vs. Parallel line:


Is it a line, ray, line segment, angle, or point?


Is it symmetric?



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