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Measurement Review–Math Mondays!

A couple of the kids are studying measurement, so I’ve made a few resources for that over at the TJ site:

Introduction to Measurement

Our textbooks don’t do a great job of introducing the concept of measurement as a whole (they don’t give a big picture), so I created this simple fact sheet to use when we come to a chapter on measurement.

Measurement Review/Drill Card Set: Basic cards that review length, capacity, weight, volume, time, and temperature. Kids can write the answers on the back and then use them as flashcards/independent math review cards or a teacher can use them for quick reviews.


Stop by TJ’s Measurement Home Page to check them out!


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Measurement Poster–Units/Systems

Over the weekend, one of my eight year olds was bored, so I introduced her to her next math chapter on measurement.  I kind of gave her and overview of both systems and talked about the different types of measurements (length, weight, capacity, etc). We ended up making a little poster together, which she enjoyed; she selected the clip art and she learned how to work with tables in Word.


The poster basically compares the US customary and the metric system, showing which system uses what units for length, capacity, weight, temperature and time.




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