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Did we find ALL the factors?

How do you know if you have found ALL the factors of a number?

Well, we’re on factoring currently (alhamdulillah, I was able to maneuver it so three kiddos are working on it at the same time—yeay!).

So, I explain how to find factors by starting with 1 and finding its complementary factor, then trying 2, and finding its complementary factor, then 3…yada yada yada.

My old school way was to write one factor pair per line—–took up WAY too much space.  Then, I couldn’t definitively come up with a catchy explanation (or any) to make the kids feel like they had indeed found ALL the factors (well they didn’t really care, but you know….)

Alhamdulillah for video tutorials and You Tube!

I found a GREAT video from a teacher that had a space saving method and one where it gave the kids closure in knowing that they had indeed found ALL the factors.


Sometimes my video embeds don’t work, so here’s the link if you need it: Finding Factors of a Number

Happy Factoring!

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Prime Factorization; Composite/Prime Numbers


A little learning poster/review sheet that I put together for the kids….


and a set of 12 flashcards to use for daily/weekly review:



A few more resources I came across this time around explaining prime factorization/prime numbers:


Explanation of prime numbers, prime factorization, and a tool to find the prime factorization of any number.


Prime Numbers Chart

This is a neat little tool,  you can change the specifications to list the first n prime numbers


TJ’s previously compiled links to Prime Factorization/Prime and Composite Numbers

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Save Time Dividing/Factoring – Use Divisibility Rules

Are the kids getting slowed down when factoring or dividing?

Divisibility rules can help!

Use divisibility rules to find if a number is divisible by another number and to aid in finding factors.

Use this handy mini lesson and reference chart to help explain the concept and provide a reference during classwork for the kids. It explains divisibility and gives divisibility rules for the numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 10 to help your kids whip through problems more quickly, insha Allah.


Do you use divisibility rules already? Do you know easy rules for other numbers?




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Multiplication File Folder Games/Multiplication Lapbooks

UPDATE: I have finally finished the set and you can download the x2s – x12s here: as well as a division set here:

Well, my third grader is working on memorizing his multiplication facts and I wanted some little activities other than drill sheets.

Below are some printables for practicing the math facts that we have made. My 12 year old daughter and I brainstormed themes for the different times tables and she is the designer/creator of these printables (she’s more artistic than I am). So this is her project this week and I will be adding on printables for the different tables (x3, x4, etc) as she completes them, insha Allah.

They can be made for file folder games or possibly compiled into one book for a lapbook.

These will eventually end up on the main TJ site, insha Allah.

x3 Tables – Pizza Theme

x4 Tables – Shirts/Hangers

x5 Tables – Mittens and Hands

x6s Tables- Soup/Soup Spoons

x7s Tables – Candy/Candy Jar

x8 Tables – Octopus (defaced)/Cave

x9 Tables – Open Book/Bookmark

Once they are all complete, I am planning on putting them in one book so they will be handy insha Allah.

If you are looking for other ideas for using them, other than just matching, you might try placing the unmounted pieces in a tic tac toe board or bingo and playing those games with them or get a board game template and make some sort of board game.

For the lapbook/file folders, I would also suggest varying the parts that are mounted, sometimes mount the answer, sometimes mount the question.


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