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More on PE…..and Arabic

Just a tidbit……

Found a way to work in Arabic numeral practice into our PE today…..we counted out repetitions of our exercises  in Hindi numerals…………………………

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Homeschool PE

I’ve been a little concerned about our lack of physical activity. Where we live, its not a great environment for the kids to go out and play often, so they don’t get a lot of exercise like I did in school or even outside of school time. Plus, I am trying to get into postpartum shape. So I surfed the web to find some free physical education resources for us.

Whether your state/country requires physical education or you just want to include it as part of your homeschool/life style, here are a few resources to help, insha Allah.

The President’s Challenge for Homeschoolers

“What is the President’s Challenge?
It’s a program for encouraging students to make staying active part of their everyday lives. The President’s Challenge includes the Active Lifestyle program, the Presidential Champions program, the Physical Fitness Test, and the Health Fitness Test.”

You can download their “Get Fit” handbook for ages 6-17 here:

Also for adults, their ” Stay Active and Be Fit:” is helpful:

Physical Fitness Guides for Kids and Teen  (ages 2 and up)

How Much Physical Activity Do You Need:

Guidelines for adults and children (including pregnant and postpartum moms). This is a really good resource, insha Allah.

Family Fitness Tips

Physical Education for  your Homeschooled Child:

PE Central Challenge:

Lessons/activity ideas:

Pre-K/K Activities:


Grades 3-5:

Middle School:

High School PE activities:


It’s Time to Play:

Fun ways to stay physically active for kids:

Fun Ideas for Homeschool PE

 99 Tips for Family Fitness from

Getting Started
Tips for the home…
Tips for the kitchen…
Tips for school…
Tips for work…
Tips for anywhere…
The Great Outdoors
YES in your own backyard…
Tips for the neighborhood, community and beyond…
Take advantage of facilities in your neighborhood…
On rainy days or when stormy weather keeps you indoors
Take advantage of what you’ve got around the house
Activity Diary

 Activity Pyramid

Kind of like the food pyramid for activity:

The handout is designed to help children ages 6 to 11 include a variety of physical activities in their daily lives

Physical Education Portfolio

(Ideas to use for proof of  physical education  (if your state requires proof of Physical Education)


Links to more Homeschool PE/PE Resources:

The Homeschool Mom  has a list of physical education related links: 

As does


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