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Sample Quraan Period Plan

Sample Quraan Period Plan
Example way to carry out Quraan study sessions/classes

1. Review. Always start each session with review or make sure that there is a review
session daily.

Things to review:
previous surahs (read/recite), vocabulary, tafsir concepts.
You may want to make up study question lists or flashcards for quick reviews.
You can use the study questions generated in Part IV below.
This review can be done by the instructor or the students themselves depending upon
student’s capacity and time.

2. For starting new surahs or new ayaat: (some activities may not be suitable for younger

Introduce the surah.
1. Write surah title on board/paper.
2. Discuss what the name means.
3. If students are older, have them try to determine the root letters of the name.
Have students look up the root letters and write out the meaning as used in the title.
4. Survey the surah by completing Part I of the Surah Study Guide (see attached)
Study the Surah
5. Read the related tafsir for the new ayaat. Discuss. Have student generate study
questions from the material. Turn headings into questions and then make questions
from statements in the reading. (Record on Study Questions template—attached).
Student may also outline the reading. See Outline form—attached.
6. Read/recite the ayaat to students. Reread and have students repeat after you.
7. Define new Arabic/English vocabulary from the first set of ayaat to memorize. Have
student write the words down in notebook and/or have student copy the ayaat and
write its corresponding English translation below each line…use Ayaat breakdown
form, attached, or write in notebook.
8. Discuss selected grammar rules in the ayaat.
Begin to Memorize the Surah
9. Either work with student or have him/her listen to Quraan audio to pronounce the
ayaat correctly. Allow time for student to begin memorizing the ayaat; in addition,
schedule other study times that student should work on memorization.. Assign a
specific number of repetitions per session if student needs help staying on task.. Use
hifz counter from TJ or have student use tally marks to keep track of repetitions.

Work with the Surah
10. Assign homework/independent work.
Use activity ideas from the Quraan Homework Activity list to assign
students work to learn/practice/reinforce vocabulary and concepts.
11. Once student has memorized the target ayaat, repeat steps 5-10 for each new set of

For a printable copy of this outline with templates mentioned, see

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