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Guided Notes for “The Book of Allah and Its Magnificent Status”

A few resources I made up for our study of this book:

Basic guided notes (student fills in the blanks), I made for my younger kids (ages 9 and up)

This version has an answer key.

A bit more advanced notes I made for my high schooler:

Didn’t finish the answer key on this one yet…….

If you need the book, you can get it here:

I really liked enjoyed studying this book and so wanted to share it with the kids. It is nicely organized into sections, making it easier to study in sha Allah. 

(Either set of guided notes is probably great for adults too!)


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Names of the Quraan Worksheets

Set of 2 matching worksheets and answer keys, with various names of the Quraan, taken from “The Book of Allah and Its Magnificent Status

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