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New Quraan Resources at TJ Quraan!

I’ve done some MAJOR reorganization of the new TJ Quraan, I hope you’ll stop by and take a look: New resources added!


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TJ main Quraan Resources have moved!

In order to decongest things over at TJ Islamic Studies, I have separated out the Quraan resources and placed at a new location: TJ Quraan.

The Quraan resources ARE NO LONGER available at TJ Islamic Studies. Please update any bookmarks/links. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I think it will work out better for visitors and myself.

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Ten Ayaat of Baqarah to Keep Shaytaan Away

To help us to correctly recite the 10 ayaat of Suratul Baqarah to keep Shaytaan away, I made up a little PowerPoint with audio. I have the kids listen, read, and recite it daily.

You can download it from TJ Islamic Studies here

and here is a PDF I previously made of the text of the ten ayaat as well as the English translation:

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Islamic Studies Checklists Continued – Quraan



Next in the series, some possible Quraan goals:


* Can explain what the Quraan is and why it was revealed

* Knows who the Quraan was revealed to

* Has a basic understanding of how the Quraan was revealed

* Understands that the Quraan is written in a language called Arabic

* Knows the number of Surahs in the Quraan

* Knows the number of Juz in the Quraan

* Knows how the Juz get their names

* Knows what a hizb of the Quraan is and how many there are

* Can find any given surah in the Quraan

* Knows the name/number of each surah in the Quraan

* Knows what an ayaat is and can identify one in the Quraan

* Understands that each surah is made up of ayaat

* Can identify how many ayaat a surah has

* Can identify where a surah begins and ends in the mushaf

* Knows how to hangle a mushaf of the Quraan

* Knows to have wudhu when touching the Quraan

* Knows to recite the istiadah before reciting Quraan and why

* Knows that the basmalah is recited before each surah except Surah Tawbah

* Has memorized some/all surahs of the Quraan with the rules of Tajweed

* Understands what Tajweed means

* Knows the basic meaning of the surahs that have been memorized

* Knows individual words/phrases of the surahs memorized

* Can write surahs/ayaat that have been memorized, without looking

* Knows what Tafsir of the Quraan is and has read/been read tafsir for memorized surahs

* Can read the Quraan in Arabic (memorized and unmemorized surahs)

* Can recite memorized surahs with Tajweed

* Knows when to make sajdah for Quraan recitation and what to say


In sha Allah, once my series of checklists  is complete, they’ll all be in PDF/word form.

TJ can help with some of these objectives, in sha Allah!  For younger students:


Can you think of others to add to the list? 


In “Essential Lessons for Muslims,” I believe it lists that it is important to learn at least Surahs 99-114 (and Fatihah of course).  Of course memorization of the whole Quraan is the ultimate goal, but if you struggle in that area then this may at least be a smaller goal to work toward in the beginning.

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Reciting Suratal Baqarah

I’ve started reading the tafsir for Suratul Baqarah, and was reading about some of its merits and the merit of reciting it daily in the house. So I put together a little PDF to help us remember to recite it daily and what to recite (from the tafsir, there are 10 ayaat that you should read daily to keep Shaytaan away.)

I’ve compiled those ten ayaat into the PDF as well.


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