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Homeschool Science: Drinking Water Quality; Water Filters

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I came across an article on Yahoo this morning that I thought was a good article for some practical, applied homeschooling science, especially if you live in an area with not so great water…..


The Article: The experts’ take on tap water safety

(on a side note, lol, examining the headlines, I missed when it became acceptable to NOT capitalize the main words in a headline; I see this all the time now in news articles..guess I have to modernize our writing curriculum some……….)


Here’s the link:

The article talks about what could be up with (or rather in) your water if your water looks bad, smells bad, and/or tastes bad…………………

It is a super short read, but still handy.


Choosing Water Filters: Writing About and Applying What You Learn

One of the links from the article was about choosing a water filter:, I thought that might be a neat one to read with the older kids if you are thinking about getting a water filter.

It talks about water filter technology, styles of water filters, and then after you get “schooled” on those, there’s a neat drop down gadget that can help you select a water filter based upon your needs (do you need it to be mounted to faucet, are you trying to get rid of a particular contaminant, do you want a specific filter technology?…)

In the article, they compare different types of water filters; perhaps older students can write an essay on  choosing a water filter, comparing types of water filters, an essay that persuades people to buy a particular kind of water filter; make a poster about the different types of water filters; make a poster on the keywords related to water filters. They can be involved in selecting a water filter based upon what they have learned; they can make a “so you want to buy a water filter” guide.

Saw lots of possibilities with this…………………



Learning about the Ozone Layer and Ozone ‘Hole’


Did you know that the ozone hole is not really a hole?

I didn’t (or at least I forgot from school days).  Aww, the beauty of homeschooling, the learning…us old dogs can learn new tricks (or relearn them).

So, we’re studying the atmosphere and weather in our current unit of science and  here are a few sources we round up today:

Atmosphere, Climate and Environment Kid Page – simple facts about the ozone layer and ozone hole.  For older audiences, a brief but more advanced look at what causes the depletion in the ozone layer.

Also, their page on what we can do to slow down global warming.

The Antarctic Ozone Hole – nice, simple one page web page presentation answering basic questions about the ozone layer/hole.


THE OZONE LAYER:  IMPORTANT COMPONENTS OF OZONE EDUCATION one page web page discussing, well…..what the title says


Ozone Hole FAQ


The – animation showing how the ozone hole changed daily (in 2006) plus other diagrams of the ozone layer and facts.

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Science: Plate Tectonics



A few resources I rounded up for our studies on Plate Tectonics. I love to supplement our textbook with other types of media, especially videos and PowerPoints.


A little background information and plate tectonics animations:


Plate tectonics and major earthquakes in 2010

This is our semi local online newspapers (Dubai). It has a map showing the plates as well as a list of earthquakes that have happened this year so that you can compare the seismic activity to the boundaries of the plates.

Explains the Pangaea theory as well as evidence that supports this theory.

This has animations showing the different types of plate movement (divergence, convergence, transform…)


For PowerPoints, just Google (or bing or yahoo or whatever): “Plate Tectonics PowerPoints.” I came up with a lot of direct links to powerpoints from that, plus my ever favorite, number one spot to check for educational powerpoints: www.pppst (Pete’s PowerPoint Station)…..for science:

Here’s the PPPST page for plate tectonics:



A few miscellaneous videos:

“A short video that connect earthquake and plate tectonic”


Animation of plate tectonics:

Fossils and Plate Tectonics:

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