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Laylatul Qadr PowerPoints

I made these up last year, but stored them in Esnips which was kind of difficult to download from, so I have changed where they are stored and you can just click to download (in sha Allah).

Laylatul Qadr PowerPoint -PPT 2003 Version

Also, if you missed it, I made up a Laylatul Qadr bulletin board display:
You can also affix the elements of the bulletin board to a file folder for a portable learning center as a few sisters did last year.
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Supplication for Laylatul Qadr



Supplication during the Night of Decree

It is recommended to supplicate often during all times, especially during the month of Ramadan, in the last ten nights, and during the odd nights of it even more so. It is recommended that one say the following supplication a lot:

"O Allah! Verily, you are the Oft-Pardoning, You love to pardon, so pardon me."

This is due to what Imam Ahmad recorded from Aishah that she said "O Messenger of Allah! If I find the Night of Al-Qadr what should I say?" He (saws) replied,

Say : "O Allah! Verily You are the Oft-Pardoning, You love to pardon, so pardon me."
[Ahmad 6:182]

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