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Ramadan Interactive Notebook


I’m reposting this 2010 post as it was formally hosted a ESnips which seems to no longer be around. The new link is below.



If you are still looking for something for the kids to do during Ramadan, maybe this will come in handy…

  • Free Ramadan Interactive Notebook
  • 62 page notebook/scrapbook/learning record, all in one!
  • Template pages to record what was learned during Ramadan, with some preprogrammed pages with activities
  • 11 pages of Ramadan/fasting clip art

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TJ Ramadan Amanahwebs not working

For some reason, the TJ Ramadan site at Amanahwebs is not working, and I am not sure why.

Alhamdulillah, I had begun to relocate the site anyway. TJ Ramadan at blogspot is up and running, and though I have not copied all content, there is a great deal of material there, as well as some new material/links as well, so please visit:


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TJ Ramadan Organizer

TJ’s Ramadan compendium and organizer

When I set out to get organized this Ramadan by making/updating various forms for my Ramadan organizer, I realized that it would be great to have key information right there as well so that I didn’t have to go looking it up.  So what started out as simple forms turned into so much more.(in fact, the forms are just a small portion)

In addition to the reference material and forms, there are calendars for Sha’baan, Ramadan, and Shawwaal. Each month has several copies, each one starting on one of the seven days of the week, that way, from year to year, in sha Allah, you can just print out the appropriate calendars based upon the actual starting date of the month.

Below is a listing of what you’ll find in the organizer, in sha Allah. I hope you get as much benefit from it as I did from compiling it. I am looking forward to having something quick and concise from year to year (in sha Allah) to refer to.

There are two “versions” available.

1. Lite Version – Contains the organizer only, 10MB

2. Complete Version (this contains the books from the Ramadan reading list, so it made the download large… 103 MB.  It is zipped, so you will need a program such as WinZip, WinRar, or JZip to unzip it.


I. The Hijri Calendar.

Islamic Months.

Days of the Week.


Significant Days.

Moon Phase Reference Chart

Duaa Upon Sighting the Crescent Moon.

Approximate Dates of Islamic Observances.

II. Calendars.

Shabaan -Starts on Sunday.

Shabaan- Starts on Monday.

Shabaan – Starts on Tuesday.

Shabaan – Starts on Wednesday.

Shabaan – Starts on Thursday.

Shabaan – Starts on Friday.

Shabaan – Starts on Saturday.

Ramadan – Starts on Sunday.

Ramadan – Starts on Monday.

Ramadan – Starts on Tuesday.

Ramadan – Starts on Wednesday.

Ramadan – Starts on Thursday.

Ramadan – Starts on Friday.

Ramadan – Starts on a Saturday.

Shawwaal – Starts on Sunday.

Shawwaal – Starts on Monday.

Shawwaal – Starts on Tuesday.

Shawwaal – Starts on Wednesday.

Shawwaal – Starts on Thursday.

Shawwaal – Starts on Friday.

Shawwaal – Starts on a Saturday.

III. Reference Material.

Ramadan Reading List.

Juz Divisions.

Educating Children in Ramadan.

Ramadan Bulletin Board Ideas.

Proof for Fasting Ramadan.

 Obligation of fasting.

 Excellence of Fasting.

 Elements of Fasting.

 Recommendations of Fasting.


Break the Fast Hastily.

Breaking the fast with dates and water

Supplicating at time of breaking fast

Safeguarding the fast and Refraining from Excessive Food and Drink.

Things That Break The Fast.

Permissible Acts in Ramadan.

Those Permitted to break the fast.

Desirable Acts in Ramadan.

Diet During Ramadan.

Good Deeds Ideas.

Duaa for Host.

What is/When is Laylatul Qadr?.

Signs of Laylatul Qadr.

Laylatul Qadr Duaa.

Zakatul Fitr.

 Preparing for Eid Prayer.

Eid Prayer.

Eid Greeting.

IV. Forms.

Ramadan Goals.

Ramadan Fasting Tracker.

Daily Ramadan Schedule.

Daily Quraan Reading.

Education Goals – Adult.

Educational Goals for Children.

Ramadan /Eid master task list.

Ramadan /Eid master shopping list.

Personal Ramadan Reading List.

Ramadan Meals Master Lists.

Ramadan Meal Plan.

Ramadan Recipes Index.

Ramadan/Eid Recipes.

Preparing for Eid Day – clothes.

Craft/Activity Ideas for Kids.

Ramadan Journal.


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New TJ Ramadan location for 2012 in sha Allah

TJ Ramadan is moving to a new location for 2012, insha Allah:

It is currently open and I have just begun to move content as well as place new content up.  If you would like to receive notification by email when new content has been posted, you can click here to subscribe:


TJ Ramadan will still remain available at its current location until all materials have been moved to the new relocation, in sha Allah.

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New Ramadan Daily Journal

A new daily Ramadan journal from TJ……

Ramadan Daily Journal Template for students.

Two pages per day; the date is left blank so it can be used for any day of Ramadan.

The first page includes a place to record moon sightings and checklists for activities completed throughout the day. The second page consists of a place to reflect upon the day.

Includes a cover as well. Print out enough pages for the whole month and make a journal book.


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