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NC Sample Standardized Reading Test – Grades 3-8

I came across some more sample standardized tests online:

Here is grade 8:

To get grades 3-7, simply replace the “8” only with 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 to get the urls for the other grades.

If you are a member of the IHSU library, these are available in the library as well.

I use these standardized tests for reading passages for our reading classes, moreso than for state testing, but if you are looking for standardized testing practice, they are great.


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Sample/Released Standardized Tests


Are you looking for standardized tests for testing practice?  Below are some places you can find them.

Another great use is for actual reading material for homeschooling reading courses, which is how I use them. 



Arizona State Sample Tests



Has some really nice student guides for various subjects; some sample high school tests (look at right navigation bar, scrolling down) great site to snoop around, you may find other goodies. This particular page is only for high school

New York Regents

These were the first tests I discovered. This page is for Grades 3-8, but there is a wealth of material for higher grades as well if you do a little snooping.

Texas (TEKS)



When Googling, Yahooing, Binging, etc, some helpful search terms to use are “standardized released tests,”  State Assessments” and in general check the Department of Education for individual states.


State-by-state links for assessment information

This page has links for each state’s assessment tests. I am still culling through them as some state’s sites are more useful (to me) than others, once I have gone through ones, I link them above.


Note: I have another post on this so far, it has a few resources that this one doesn’t have and this post has some that the other one does not have…….

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Standardized Test Practice Tests


My kids don’t take standardized tests, but I was interested in seeing what some looked like and giving them to my kids, just for practice, hoping it would show me what areas they may be weak in.

My middle boys have been actually taking practice tests for the past two weeks, just as a classwork type deal, not under test conditions, and I have to say, it’s been fun and excellent review!  At first, I was letting them just take the tests by themselves, then some days, they wanted me to sit down with them and go through the tests. This was an excellent time for me to help them brush up on concepts and provide little mini lessons.

I’d thought I’d share my finds in case you are interested, whether a homeschooler or parent of a public schooler and want them to practice for “real” standardized” testing.

NY Regents

My favorite so far. If you look in the archive section, you can find tests from the 50s! Oh my!

Here are the links for the grade 3-8 tests, generally from 2006-2009 and in a few cases back to 2003.

These are for math, English, science, and social studies.

The links for the elementary above, are found on this page, which has more tests: I think the remaining ones on this page are for high school or maybe junior high. I see algebra 2 on there so I’m thinking high school though the page says Elementary/Intermediate.

If you want to access tests before 1998, try here: and  you’ll even find tests in subjects not testing anymore such as homemaking, physical geography, typing.

This page says it has all previous regents exams, and I saw a link for 1930!

You’ll find French, German, Spanish tests, even Hebrew and Latin, biology, chemistry, just a slew of subjects. Excellent to use to see what areas your child is weak or strong in.

Oh by the way, these come with answer keys—-phew!

And another by the way, lol, the reading selections are pretty neat. They have them read experiments, read short stories, non fiction and fiction, so that’s a plus. I’m really just contemplating taking these tests (along with the others below) for a good portion of the remainder of the year.  I never really got my whole program together this year (well that’s nothing new) so these are great times savers, but beneficial as well.


I haven’t done these with the kids, but I peeked at a few tests and I’m liking these too!

Generally, these are Grades 3-10 and exit level in English, math, science, and social studies. Answer keys available as well. Years 2003/04-2008/09

TAKS–M Tests

Not what the difference between this and the TAKS is (well it says “All TAKS–M tests were developed from non-released TAKS assessments.”)

These go from grades 3-11 for the year 2008/09


IOWA Practice Tests

So far, I’ve just found Grade 3:



Has links to states from several tests including NY, Texas, Virginia, Massachussetts, Florida, as well as international tests.

This page has a listing of state tests:, though I am not sure if they link to actual practice tests.

Not the greatest resource, but still may be somewhat helpful.



For folks in the UK, I’m passing on a few things that a sister passed onto me:

Practice KS3 SAT Papers

Practice KS2 SAT Papers

Practice KS1 SAT Papers

You’ll basically find ones from 2000/01 to 2008/2009, there’s quite a bit in the KS2 and KS3 stages.

(For those who aren’t in the know –as I wasn’t, here’s a key to what ages the KS’s correlate with: The (UK) Education System Explained. It tells what stages are what age and what exams are taken at what ages. Really helpful. Passed onto me by Umm Z.

I’ll probably take a stab at these too……………….


That’s all I have come across so far. Your best bets here are the NY, Texas, and UK ones.


If you know of any more PDF practice tests, I’d appreciate you leaving a comment and letting me know.

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