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Geography, Science textbooks, Education Games, etc….

Just posting a potpourri/round up of recently added resources to the TJ blogspot family and finds:

TJ Social Studies:

  • World & Regional Maps
  • World Flags
  • World Geography Resources
  • These have links to some of my favorite handy geography resources, the ones that I used the most often.

    Online Educational Games:

    If you haven’t been to Sheppard Software Games, you are in for a treat. The games are online and there are so many in the different subjects (math, science, etc) and they have a nice collection of preschool games.

    Prophets Lessons:

    I am busy putting on the finishing touches/final edits for several prophets lessons and hope to get those posted in the next few weeks, I’ve been working on about 5 or 6 different ones.

    Also in the works are lessons for duaas from Hisnul Muslim as well as lessons for the different duaas of prayer, which I am excited about as we have been using them and they are really boosting us along, alhamdulillah. This is a long term project so I may just upload as I finish individual lessons.  I have included exercises to aid in understanding the duaas word for word as well as to aid in memorization.

    Science Textbooks:

    The grade designations are my own as, although they are for high school level, they do not explicitly say which grade they are for.

    COMMENTS (Behind again)

    If you have left comments recently (or not so recently), I am once again behind (as I am netless), I will try to get to them as soon as I can. You can also email me, in sha’ Allah, if you have a pressing need for materials. 

    That’s it for now. Hope you find some goodies from above……………………

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    Gateway to Arabic

    Gateway to Arabic downloads:

    Book 1

    Beginning Arabic (alphabet, short vowels, joining letters, tanween, long vowels, sukoon, shaddah, vocabulary, sun and moon letters, reading practice)

    Book 2

    “a basic knowledge of Arabic grammar, enabling them to take their first steps in understanding and using non-verbal sentences. The series is intended to take the student from having no knowledge of Arabic, all the way up to GCSE level (the U.K.’s General Certificate in Secondary Education) and beyond.”


    Book 3

    students progress in building up their knowledge of Arabic grammar and vocabulary, they are able to put into practice the skills they have acquired through written exercises, spoken passages of dialogue and comprehension exercises. Book Three offers a step-by-step approach to learning past and present tense verbs, with plenty of opportunity for practice. Each point of grammar is reinforced through sample conversations that offer the student the chance to use the language in a meaningful context and develop confidence in self-expression.



    to read more about the books and download audio for books 1 and 2:

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    Free exam prep and skill builder books


    I got this off of one of my homeschooling groups sometime ago and wanted to share as there are sooooooooooooooooooooooo many books here.

    Learning Express’s Ebooks

    Test prep for GED, ACT, GRE, and dozens of others including Civil Service, math skill builders, spelling skills books, grammar skills books, writing skills, books, reading skills…….and they are all free, in PDf format……(you’ll kick yourself if you miss them, lol…..)

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    Free Textbooks (in Arabic) from Saudi Curriculum

    A sister sent me this link eons ago and I thought I posted it here, but I don’t see it.

    The site’s all in Arabic, so its a plus if you can read Arabic, but a little tip if you can’t (or can a little)…..when you hover over a link, look in the status bar and the link is written in English:

    They have science, math, and reading and Islamic Studies.


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    Free textbooks

    If you are in need of textbooks (free, that is) I have got a super find for you!

    I stumbled across India’s  NCERT books which are available for free online!

    The levels range from 1 to 12 and as you go up in the levels, more subjects are offered. At the least they offer English, Math, and Science……………………The English are written from an ESL standpoint, but maybe go up a grade or some grades if you need English for a native speaker.

    I haven’t looked t hrough all the texts, but from what I saw I thought they were pretty well written and engaging.

    So if you need textbooks, do be sure to check it out.

    I’ve provided the direct links to the pages. Once you get to a page, you can download the books by chapters (PDF). If you use something like Free Downloadmanager (my fav) you can grab all pages of a book at one time.


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