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Greek and Latin Roots

I’m planning on embarking on a study of Greek/Latin roots for my older children and pulled together/made some resources:

Greek/Latin Root, Prefixes, Suffixes Resource Pack

This is something that I put together. Its 49 pages and includes several good root/prefix/suffix lists that I found on the internet. In addition, it includes a few ideas/generic lesson plans for teaching.

Here a some helpful sites I found:

This site has loads of materials such as online puzzles for teaching roots (as well as other vocabulary). Its really packed. I did find it kind of hard to navigate and use, but it has many resources so I would definitely recommend checking it out.

Use tips and information for teaching Greek/Latin Roots


In my packet, you will also find links to sites where I got useful information or the lists from so you can explore those as well once you download the packet.

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