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Topic Sentence Resources & Sentence Frames

Ok, so are you having trouble getting the kids to write topic sentences?

Our writing has sort of  jump started again and one of our stumbling blocks was starting out with that blasted topic sentence (trying to take it past the boring basic topic sentence), so I went surfing today and here is a sample of the most helpful things that I found:

Main Idea Sentence Starters – super helpful! A pretty long list of starters. Just what I was looking for.

Sentences Starters – This is a response from Yahoo! Answers (scroll down a tad to see the list)

Sentence frames – arranged into categories such as compare/contrast, classifying, cause/effect, etc.

Sentence Frames – similar resource to that just above, with some extra goodies such as reading journal prompts and other things……

Topic Sentence Samples – for older students. Gives some topic sentence examples and some commentary about them as examples.

Topics Sentences Samples – written for advanced ESL learners, but handy for us native English speakers too, insha Allah.

Sentence Starters – scroll down and you will see several nice ones for elementary students.

Kind of off topic, but kind of sort of related, thought I’d throw it in (I’ve been wanting the kids to do some reflection by doing a learning log, but haven’t gotten it off the ground yet):

Sentence Starters For Your Learning Log

So these are the fruits of my surfing today. I hope you can find something beneficial here. I hope to use the resources as part of their writer’s handbook I am working on by compiling a list or lists of these and have something for them to browse when they start out.  They can pick something that suits their fancy (and assignment) from the list. I find that providing lists/frames make writing somewhat less toilsome and eventually they began to start using these naturally in their writing.

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