Multiplication and Division File Folder Sets

I don’t post too much over here anymore so that I won’t run into too much duplication with my main sites at Blogspot

I just wanted to share some new items that I have posted on the main TJ Math Blogspot site.  Back in 2008, on this blog, I had posted part of a multiplication file folder set that I made (original post:, but never got around to finishing it. Over the years, I have had several requests for the missing times tables set.  Late last year, my 11 year old and I revised and finished the set and made a division one as well.

Since there was an interest in this resource, I thought that I’d announce that you can download both of these items over at TJ Mathematics:

Multiplication Set (x2s-x12s)

Division Set (2s-12s)

Happy Mathing!



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A Little Remodeling at TJ Ramadan…………….

I was having trouble myself navigating TJ Ramadan, so I revamped the design, and in shaa Allah it will be easier to navigate through.  If you are still organizing for Ramadan (or haven’t started yet) I invite you to stop by:

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A Few TJ Sister Sites Remodeled….

If you follow any of the other TJ sister sites, you might be interested in checking out the following newly designed sites:

Raising Muslim Daughters:

A Healthy Muslim Family:

Stop by when you get a chance! In shaa Allah you will be able to navigate a little more easily!



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Stop by TJ Ramadan for Ramadan Prep!

Just wanted to send a quick reminder out that you can find educational and family Ramadan resources over at TJ Ramadan:

This blog no longer routinely maintained.

On a side note: It’s probably obvious, but I will no longer be posting to this companion blog regularly.  As the TJ family of sites on blogspot is quite varied and each relates to very specific areas, I found that it was redundant to post here as well on the individual sites.  So any new updates here will be special or seasonal announcements, in shaa Allah. So, I hope you will stop by the TJ blogspot sites and sign up for email updates for any and all that suit your interests.  I will be closing the comments so that I don’t leave guests here hanging, in shaa Allah, so if you want to contact TJ, please either do so by email  (talibiddeenjr at gmail) or leave a comment at any of the blogspot sites.

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TJ Science has moved!

Due to technical difficulties, I have moved TJ Science to the following address:


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Running a Muslim Home

I had begun to add resources on the main TJ site regarding household issues and as usual, it kept expanding. So, in order to keep on topic at the TJ Homeschool Center site, I have moved those household resources and information to a sort of revamping of the short-lived “Orderly Muslim Home” to: “Running a Muslim Home”

I hope you’ll stop by and take a look! Its main focus is on the Muslim household but there are many secular household topics there as well.


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What’s New at TJ?

Finding TJ on Facebook just got easier with a new username:

Loads of new updates so please stop by TJ’s FB page to see the oodles and oodles of great new content!



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