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Homeschool Science: Drinking Water Quality; Water Filters

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I came across an article on Yahoo this morning that I thought was a good article for some practical, applied homeschooling science, especially if you live in an area with not so great water…..


The Article: The experts’ take on tap water safety

(on a side note, lol, examining the headlines, I missed when it became acceptable to NOT capitalize the main words in a headline; I see this all the time now in news articles..guess I have to modernize our writing curriculum some……….)


Here’s the link:

The article talks about what could be up with (or rather in) your water if your water looks bad, smells bad, and/or tastes bad…………………

It is a super short read, but still handy.


Choosing Water Filters: Writing About and Applying What You Learn

One of the links from the article was about choosing a water filter:, I thought that might be a neat one to read with the older kids if you are thinking about getting a water filter.

It talks about water filter technology, styles of water filters, and then after you get “schooled” on those, there’s a neat drop down gadget that can help you select a water filter based upon your needs (do you need it to be mounted to faucet, are you trying to get rid of a particular contaminant, do you want a specific filter technology?…)

In the article, they compare different types of water filters; perhaps older students can write an essay on  choosing a water filter, comparing types of water filters, an essay that persuades people to buy a particular kind of water filter; make a poster about the different types of water filters; make a poster on the keywords related to water filters. They can be involved in selecting a water filter based upon what they have learned; they can make a “so you want to buy a water filter” guide.

Saw lots of possibilities with this…………………