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Arabic Spelling & Vocabulary – Lesson 03: School Things



I’m skipping lesson 2, the second set of color words for the present.

Here’s lesson 3, with a theme of school things……….


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Arabic Spelling and Vocabulary – Lesson 01: Colors 1

In the usual TJ fashion, I decided to turn the simple Arabic worksheets into something more……Arabic spelling and vocabulary lessons for my oldest daughter.  We’ve been super stagnant on the Arabic, but I haven’t found a freebie book (or ones that we had on hand before we moved) that I liked well enough.

I’ve made a list of about 50 or so categories that I hope to make lists for (I’m sure I won’t get through all the lists, lol), but I am hoping to do a different word list each week at the very least (we’ll see how it goes).

This is the first week’s lessons. Again, its a springboard from the Arabic Color worksheets I posted yesterday. 


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